Imperial Guard CES [~I~G~]

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    • Imperial Guard CES [~I~G~]

      Attention: Alliance Imperial Guard is running since 29 July 2013. on Supremacy 1914 (previous game of CoW developers) under the same name. We are also polish alliance running on Polish Call of War server. This is our international section, for english speaking players.

      Something about history of real Imperial Guard:
      10th May 1804. The consular Guard was renamed to The Imperial Guard and its leader has become Napoleon Bonaparte himself. Imperial Guard was supposed to be elite personal guard subordinate to Emperor, simultaneously acting as strategic reserve of The Great Army.

      In year 1804 The Guard contained over 11 thousand supremely trained French soldiers, ready to give their lives for Empire and Napoleon. The Guard has its greatest role in years 1813-1815 when, due to shortages in Great Army, it actually became normal battle group fighting in almost every battle.

      The Imperial Guard achieved greatest numbers during so called “100 days of Napoleon”, when it contained 112 thousands soldiers, ipso facto being the main core of Napoleon Army. It ceased to exist during defeat at Waterloo, 18th June 1815. Soon after that it was disbanded.

      But now, after almost 200 years Imperial Guard is back, first on Supremacy 1914, and now on Call of War, and you, exactly you, has chance to enlist in The Guard, and fight as Guardsman on all fronts!

      Are you active, experienced, ambitious player? Are you looking for interesting company, often sparring games, and good atmosphere? You came to the right place! You have a chance to enlist Imperial Guard – alliance waiting just for the person like you!




      red – required to meet with.
      green – not necessarily required to meet with.
      • Activity in game (minimum 2 hours a day)
      • Availabity.
      • Knowledge of game mechanics at least basic level.
      • Ability to quick response on opponent moves.
      • Creativity in the game.
      • Personal culture and emphaty.
      • Comunicativity.
      • Knowledge of Polish or English language.
      • Possesion of Skype messanger.
      • Every day activity on Skype.
      • Filling up and sending application (
      • Good opinion among alliance members and other players of Call of War/Supremacy1914
      • Preferred age: 18+
      • Preferred lvl in CoW: 10+
      • Preferred practice in game: 3 months and above.
      • Preferred activity on CoW forum and chat.

      About sparring games you should contact one of the following people:
      - @Mortes (leader of I-G) | skype: live:mprzywara71
      - @Defous (leader of CES) | skype: defous96

      We also have academy (Imperial Academy) which leader is TOM EYE. Its main purpose is to train and verify new and weaker players before they can join main alliance.

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