Announcement EN STAFF RECRUITING! Become a member of the Team!

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    • EN STAFF RECRUITING! Become a member of the Team!

      Greetings, fellow members of the community.

      We are currently recruiting new members for the Support Team!
      For those who are interested in being part of the Team, step forward!

      A position on staff requires you to act professionally in the decisions that you make. You must be able act upon your work in a mature and effective way. You must work to improve the game and its community. Communication is very important within the team, as well as your ability to accept criticism if needed. You must be able to judge fairly, regardless of personal beliefs.

      Which position are available?
      • Game Operators (GOs)
      • Moderators (Mods)
      Which duties may I have?

      Moderators are in responsible with moderating the chat and the forum. This is your main focus. You should be there to help the user in case they have questions or need help in chat/forum.

      Game Operators work on processing user tickets for a game issue. This is their main focus. Although, you can help out in chat/forum as well if you have the time.

      This is the general layout of the tasks you will have:

      • Examination of problems and bugs, as well as helping the users.
      • Collecting and forwarding the problems and suggestions to the developers.
      • Moderating forums and chat.
      • Answering players via P.M and email, and/or via our support software.
      • Working in a team and participating in team meetings.
      • Coordinating community events, activities, etc.
      Is there a reward for serving the community?

      • You have the gratitude and respect of the players of our community.
      • You get monthly Gold rewards for your efforts.
      Are there requirements?

      • You have to be at least 18 years old.
      • You have good writing skills.
      • You communicate in a clean and diplomatic way.
      • You are a reliable team player.
      • You have experience with the game and with the detailed game mechanics.
      • You are active in the game, in the forums and in Skype (for meetings) and you can work on your tasks multiple days a week.

      How do I apply?

      Please send an application to SirMcSquiggles via the Forum P.M system or the main Call of War page(Under messages in community).

      Your application should include the following information:

      • Why do you apply for the position?
      • How much experience do you have in the game?
      • Do you already have experience in working with other persons, or even a position related to customer support?
      • Your name, your age and your Skype account?
      Please note that we may not consider all applications. You can also give us more optional information about you so we get an even better first impression. After joining the team you get a detailed briefing so that you are well equipped for your job.

      I look forward to reviewing your applications.

      -Sir McSquiggles