Pax Romana Zombie Challenge

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    • DxC wrote:

      It is not hard to understand given the manpower limitation, but excluding that you could build much more power and HP per day with militia. The forts would just be a defensive and resource bonus on top of that. Excluding the manpower limitation, the only advantage Inf would have is speed.
      which I found was well demonstrated in the game with miltia obviosuly I tried to stay to strong areas forts+forests, but we got spread thin. we might have been able to hold the lines a bit better had we had faster units.

      To be honest, I think it would have made more sense that the humans had infantry, and the mitlia were zombies..

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    • Take 25 militia and try and defend a whole country starting on day one, not gonna happen lol.

      Infantry are good at sitting in one spot defending . . . that is it, period.

      You have to move them? Takes forever. Need to attack with them? Don't . . ever. lol

      I've thought about a few different ideas to balance and maybe even doing inf vs commandos. Not sure if a game can be set up that way but we can ask.

      Or as mentioned above, zombies militia and human infantry. Zombies would need to far outnumber the humans to start or even some sort of restriction on the infantry not sure what, possibly no forts.

      Like to hear what everyone thinks would be a fun balance. :)
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