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  • What is Frontline Pioneering?

    Welcome to the Frontline Pioneer forum!

    The Frontline Pioneer or 'FP' is a testing area for new game implementations made by Bytro.
    New things, such as the recently added Airplane Carrier was tested in FP before it was released on the standard maps.

    If you have been selected as a Pioneer, and chosen to accept, you will have access to games that are already made as FP map. (unless they are passworded, naturally). It is our hope, that many active players will take part in this and help Bytro make the game better for everyone. Active players who can identify, problem solve, and report bugs with accuracy are key to the success of the Frontline Pioneers program. If you have been selected we greatly appreciate any effort to test new things.
    Important: After geining the Frontpioneer status you have to join or create a FP game within one week to not lose the status automatically.

    So how do you test things?

    Test the features as you would in any other game simply by building structures and researching and producing troops and moving them around or attacking. In the FP chat you can converse with other Pioneers about problems you find.

    Use either the in game "bug report" to report any bugs you may find, like units stuck or unable to fire or whatever problem may occur. Be sure to flag your bug report, that it is a FP game. Or you can post reports in this forum to discuss them with others.

    How to write a bug report

    Please always remember to stick to this form:

    - user name
    - game ID
    - issue description
    - steps how to reproduce
    - since when is the problem occuring
    - how many users are probably affected
    - screenshots that show the problem

    This will make it easier for us to handle the reports.
    Thanks and happy testing!

    Your Call of War Team
    Griseldis / Faey
    Community Manager
    Bytro Labs GmbH