Captured province before winning battle.

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    • Are you fighting the troops in the city itself? Or just in the province?

      I was able to capture a Province in the past, if I moved to the city, when the units was located in the province but not in the city.

      To be sure, I´d recommend we see what the others do report. Or you could send an ingame bug report to confirm.
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      Saludos Cordiales, / Liebe Grüße, / Sincerely,

      -= BenjB =-
    • Okay, thank you Benjb. Here is the screenshot (my control is shown in blue, his in brown). The enemy was originally defending Pitesti with 10 units and I attacked him with 19. When he was down to his last unit, the province suddenly switched to my control even though he still had a unit left. I thought maybe the unit showing was just a ghost unit and tried reloading the game, then moving my unit on, but my unit wouldn't move even though the movement timer was ticking down. Finally the last unit was killed - I think it was 20 minutes or more after the province was shown changing control - and I could move my troops again.

      Another odd thing is that the newspaper doesn't seem to have reported the province conquest.

      Screenshot 2015-06-16 16.17.47.jpg

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    • Wait - I think I know what happened.

      I sent a large force to capture Pitesti overnight as I knew it was defended by 10 units. From the newspaper, it looks like what happened while I was asleep is that the Romanian force continued moving to take Craiova so my force took Pitesti without a battle about 2 am. Then he moved his army back to attack mine, and when I returned to the game the battle was still raging in Pitesti and I assumed my forces had attacked him there when it looks like it was the other way around - he came back to attack me after I took the province.

      I think there was still a bug of some sort as I'm sure the province was showing in his colour when I came back to the game when it should have been in my colour and I saw it change colour about 20 minutes later when I was looking at it. So probably the bug is just that the province took a while to show up in my colour when I reloaded the game for some reason. Regardless, if it is a bug, it's not a biggie.