Unit Deletion, Etc....

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    • Unit Deletion, Etc....

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      Hey everyone.

      Recently I was doing some thinking as to how to add more depth to cow, some richer cream so to speak. What I think should be a feature is the deletion/scrapping of units that become obsolete (eg militia in late game) or too costly to pay for upkeep in this case of an economic crisis, be it through losses of production or a planning gaffe.

      What I envision is that ground unit and air units would have an option to "disband," and naval units would be able to "scrap." For the air and ground units it would simply eliminate the upkeep and free up the manpower. For naval units, ships would go to provinces with the same level naval base as required to build them. There they would be scrapped in half the time it takes to produce them, and would give back 75% of their metal & goods, and 25% of their money.

      To add further realism, and to allow greater freedom in terms of military planning, I purpose there also be an option to keep units in reserve. Units in reserve would use 10% of their regular upkeep, and would spend 3 hours going in and out of reserve. Naval bases would be required to put ships into reserve, as would air bases be for air units, and of the same level required to build the unit originally. Naval bases would effect naval units, and naval units only, for decreasing deactivation and reactivation costs in the same way they decrease embarkment and disembarkment.
    • Liberinsula wrote:

      oceanhawk wrote:

      yes I agree, and maybe the level of the IC count determine some factor as well
      I don't think the level of IC should really help it.....just doesn't really make sense, since those facilities are strictly for production and not maintenance
      Every building, has some impact on production. The IC is industrial complex, and is the ability of the complex depends on level, so in a sense, it would make more sense to be based off IC as well

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