Cisco's Glorious Begging Thread

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    • Cisco's Glorious Begging Thread

      Howdy to ya'.

      You might remember me from S1914! If ya' do, hi there! If not, hi there!

      I'm rather crazy about detail and immersion, so thus, I need to make a few suggestions!

      Glorious List:
      • Customization of Leader/Country Names & Titles. This is such an under appreciated yet such an important part of S1914's allure. Just overthrow an evil dictator and replace him with a democratically elected President? Name change needed lads. Considering the code of CoW and S1914, changing the name of a country is entirely possible WITHOUT major code work. Heck, making it a option to customize is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
      • Customization of Flags. Oh my goodness, this is one of the most simple, yet most appealing things about S1914. Capture a new state for the union? Slap on that extra star! Lose Scotland as the UK? Guess it's back to the jolly ol' St. George's! Flags are such a simple yet huge part of the experience in S1914 and Call of War alike. Let us' change em'!
      • Customization of Country Color. An old, long suggested, and entirely possible thing for both S1914 and CoW alike. Countries in both games are not reliant on their color, and changing them in-game could be as simple as an RGB color picker/slider. Tired of that sickly green UK? Splice some Imperial Majesty onto it by making it a glorious shade of red!
      • Leader Image/Customization. Just as in S1914, all countries should have an image to go with their leader! People remember a face more than a name by far! Let us customize it as well, for the sake of roleplayers, normal players, and for "the lulz" alike!
      • Simplified Unit Sprites/Icons. Don't get me wrong, the unit sprites are cool and stuff! But when it comes to tactical planning and analyzing an enemy's defenses, I don't need or want that much bling! I want to simply look an an enemy army, with a simple, informative icon/icons telling me what that army consists of, how big it is, and what it's doing.
      "Treaties are like Girls and Roses. That is, they last while they last." - Charles De Gaulle

      Hanni wrote:

      King Cisco, Lord of all our eyes can see.

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    • Butter Ball Bill wrote:

      The reason we can't change the flags and leaders is because of German Law, that is all I know. The last one sounds nice though.
      With that logic, we shouldn't be allowed to post images either, because that means there's a chance somebody will post an image with a Swastika in it.

      German law doesn't prohibit me from changing my flag in Bytro's previous title, Supremacy 1914, so why now would it be an issue? In S1914, if somebody had a flag that broke the rules and/or german law, the player was reported and the flag was changed. This same system can, and preferably should be a part of Call of War.
      "Treaties are like Girls and Roses. That is, they last while they last." - Charles De Gaulle

      Hanni wrote:

      King Cisco, Lord of all our eyes can see.

    • Jaws wrote:

      Personally, as one of the staff doing cleanup when images are posted, Im glad you cant alter flags & leaders....we saw enough banned content in a WWI game, WWII would be ten times worse.

      All due respect then Jaws, but as a member of that staff, t'was your job to clean that stuff up. Sure, people can't seem to get the message of "DONT POST THAT FRIGGIN' SWASTIKA AGAIN!!1!1!1!!", but certain people are more stupid than others.

      All'n'all, the fact you can use any (legal) flag you want is one of the things that made S1914 so great, especially for Role-Playing.
      "Treaties are like Girls and Roses. That is, they last while they last." - Charles De Gaulle

      Hanni wrote:

      King Cisco, Lord of all our eyes can see.

    • I'd like to change my leaders name, maybe a drop down bar? We could have a choice of titles (Kaiser, president, prime minster, Chairman of the new world order)

      As for flags, do what 30 Kingdoms did, lets us make one. Most flags follow a simple guideline- colour change here, an 'X' there, a few starts dotted around so the USA can count how big its country is- hell, allow military flags! The official flag of the Heer (German army) was the Iron cross: and if you're offended by the Iron cross, you stay away from the post-WW2 German army.

      If people post the swastika its a simple ban. On the grand scale of things, most people don't care. I understand its against German law, but in a Private game between friends, who really cares? I mean honestly, wouldn't the Hammer and Sickle offend all those who suffered under the USSR during the cold war?

      I love this game, and I'd love to see some of the best features from S1914 carried over. Don't let a few neo-nazi twats spoil the fun for everyone else.
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