Retreat Button

    • Retreat Button

      Good day everyone!
      Well guys, i have been thinking about a "retreat button"
      Today, i send a infantry soldier to death by mistake, i did the order and then i discovered that the enemy sent reinforcements to help his troops, so i wanted my troop to run away, make a retreat and prepare to attack again... but as i know and all of you, or well, most of you know too, you cant retreat of a battle. This is my idea:
      A "retreat button" will make your troops go back to the way they come and escape the damn battle... but with penalties, like draining half or 1/4 their actual morale, something like that i dont know.
      Well put your opinion about this in comments and give me a like if you find useful this button!

      P.D.: Haha Ghengis, i did it, i posted this, as you said ;)