Cold War RP

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    • Cold War RP

      We will have a Youtube Series on this.

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      It is April 1st, 1950. In Europe, the Western Allies and the Soviet Union, once allies, are in a standoff which will decide the death of the world, or the everlasting peace. Germany, a nation which had once brought the world on its knees, is now divided into two countries, as well as its capital, Berlin.

      On one side, we have NATO, the US, West Berlin and West Germany and on the other, we have the Warsaw Pact, East Berlin and East Germany. In Asia the communist North Korea is readying to unite the nation of Korea into one. The capitalist South Korea has no intent of going to war with their northern neighbours but may be forced into it very soon.

      In London, the British worry ever more about Stalin’s power, and thus have set up an Operation which would lead to total war with Stalin. This is a plan which many have called to radical, but in the matter of total war, they are ready to use it if and and when needed.

      The theory of the domino effect has led Truman to begin sending aid to the South Koreans as the looming threat of the North builds up even further. Washington eyes the Korean Peninsula like a hawk waiting for the first shot to be fired. Douglas MacArthur, a hero of the Second World War, is confident he will throw back the communist advance if he needed to.

      In Paris, word of the war in Vietnam grow, and the fear of the French losing its main Asian colony has almost come true. As the Communist party in Vietnam has nearly taken back half of the country, and looks to keep on going until all of Indochina is under the communist banner.

      Technologically, the US pushes its nuclear techniques and equipment faster and faster. Already America has more than 250 bombs which greatly outnumber the Soviets’, but the Russians have started their Nuclear testing and manufacturing lines, and soon, both nations will have equal numbers of warheads and nuclear bombs, and both will have the power to destroy the world.

      The split between East and West has never before been this stark. The leaders of both the Eastern and Western blocs need to compromise where they can and where they can’t, they shouldn’t. The world itself is at stake. All it needs is a match to burn the world.


      1. No Gold, and if you use it by accident, talk to us and we will figure out what to do (better you tell us then us finding out).
      2. Zero trolling, you troll, you are removed.
      3. The two Admins can and will get rid of you if we see you as acting up, or causing a massive mess of the RP.
      4. Make realistic decisions in the roleplay. Meaning no Communist and Democratic nation being allies.
      5. Keep NATO and the Warsaw Pact together. No one is allowed to leave when they are the starting members, (with the exception of the USA or France if the admin gives a go-ahead), until the Cold War is over. (the admin will say when it is over)
      6. Post as frequently as possible.
      7. Always use as good grammar as you can.
      8. As much as you can, try to avoid WWIII in the first few days of the RP. No one wants to see the Soviets and Americans at war in 10 years game time. That doesn’t mean you can’t threaten it, just try to avoid it.

      Special Rules

      1. There are five major nations: US, UK, France, USSR, and China.
      2. Each nuclear nation can build a nuke after timed events.

      • USA and USSR - Can build nukes from the start of the game
      • UK can build nukes in 1952
      • France can build nukes in 1960
      • China can build nukes in 1964
      • Israel can build nukes in 1967
      • India can build nukes in 1974
      • South Africa can make nukes in 1980 (Israel and South Africa must have good relations from when Israel gained the bomb, and South Africa must still have the partite government)
      • Pakistan can build nukes in 1998 (China and Pakistan must have good relations throughout the RP to do this)
      3. To make sure everyone does run around with nukes threatening to blow up the world, there is no trading anything nuclear at all.
      4. To make sure when WWIII does happen the RP doesn't end in a total fire, the non-nuclear pofiferation act will be made alater onto the game which will limit the amount of nukes which can be made, which the UN will vote on until it is passed.
      6. Now, many may not know, but China and the USSR weren’t much of friends after Stalin died. After Stalin dies, which must happen before 1957, China and the Soviet Union must break ties. Every once in awhile, China or the USSR can enter each other’s provinces on the border but they may not take a province and call it there own unless they want to start a full war. This means only the provs which border each nation can be taken

      Korean War

      We start the role-play as Korean War is heating up. Any major nation can get involved, as well as the United Nations. If the UN gets involved, the Soviets can not veto the action to intervene since they were not present at the meeting. No nation is to take land for themselves in this war unless they are North or South Korea. In the event of one beating the other in a single war, the defeated nation is allowed to station troops in either the United States or the Soviet Union, until the one of the permanent countries brings the issue onto the stage, or that country starts a national wide rebellion to free its side of the border.


      Decolonisation was something took place from the end of World War II and ended with Hong Kong being returned to the Chinese in the 1990s. As time goes on, the colonies of each major nation can break away from the motherland and then become its own state, either by planned events or by negotiation. I’ll let you guys pick if you want negotiation or planned events.

      Time Rules

      -Every day in real life equals Three months game time.
      -The role-play ends either when the Cold War is declared over by the admin or when Day 150 hits (assuming it doesn’t absolutely break up).

      Playable Nations

      North America:

      United States - purplepizza117

      Canada - worldwar2history


      Cuba - crazzymasster

      South America:



      Brazil (Take Sao Paulo) - Fenrir Ragnarok

      Bolivia - Fenrir Ragnarok

      Argentina (Take North Argentina)


      Soviet Union (Take Central Russia) - Magnum16

      UK - Vex08

      France - Jhons of Pete (Sir Jhon Edward Pete)

      Portugal (Take Angola)

      Spain - Fort Gemicde


      West Germany - YankeeDude101

      East Germany (Take Ukraine)

      Norway (Take Arkhangelsk) - senseimorris


      Yugoslavia - Sgt Packer

      Poland - Marcus

      Greece (Not A Communist)




      French Algeria

      French Mali (Take French Sudan)


      South Africa

      Egypt - Paper Wars (when you get the leader of Egypt)

      Equatorial Guinea

      Italian Somalia (Take Tanganyika)

      British Sudan (Take North Sudan)

      British Nigeria

      Middle East and Southeast Asia:

      Israel (Take South Sudan) - Marius Pudzianowski





      Pakistan - Nathan the Warrior

      India - of Jophan


      Siam (Take South China)

      North Vietnam (Take Indochina)

      South Vietnam (Take Bechuanaland)

      Indonesia (Take Sumatra)

      Australia (Take Western Australia) (Lord Asher)




      Turkmenistan (Take Turkestan)

      China (Take Communistic China) - Kalantigos


      North Korea (Take Korea) - MentalNano

      South Korea (Take New Zealand) - Ellio_98

      Occupied Japan - centurion4321

      We also need GM’s to help with the land-swap.

      The Map

      Tech Levels

      Some tech trees are outdated. Just let me know and I will help you fix it.

      Application Format:

      Name of country you wish to play as:

      Name of the leader of your country in 1950:

      Have you read all of the rules for this role-play?

      Do you agree to follow all of the rules for this role-play?

      Do you agree to be respectful to the people in this role-play and the admins running it?

      Will you play in this role-play as often if you can?

      Role-play Example (At least two paragraphs):

      This format is copyrighted by purplepizza117, John pete1, and Vex08. No one on any site is allowed to use this format without asking the permission of any of these people first.
      How many regert electing the current US president, and if not, please, tell me why you havent yet, id love to here you, hopefully smart answer.

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    • Ellio_98 wrote:

      Hmm this RP seems like it could be a good one. And ive done a few with John pete before so could i take South Korea if its still open.

      I agree to all the rules stuff and my name is the same as my forum name :D
      even tho you didnt do a thingy, i know how good you are <#
      How many regert electing the current US president, and if not, please, tell me why you havent yet, id love to here you, hopefully smart answer.
    • worldwar2history wrote:

      John pete1 wrote:

      worldwar2history wrote:

      can i maybe take it if he dosnt come back
      Oh, by the way John i dont need that position I only ment to type that once not twice so sorry to bother you.
      its fine, have nothing else to do tbh : P
      How many regert electing the current US president, and if not, please, tell me why you havent yet, id love to here you, hopefully smart answer.
    • (staying the same)

      Name of country you wish to play as:

      Name of the leader of your country in 1950:
      paper wars...(I'll look it up)

      Have you read all of the rules for this role-play?
      yes, I agree and will follow them as best as possible

      Do you agree to follow all of the rules for this role-play?
      As I said, yes

      Do you agree to be respectful to the people in this role-play and the admins running it?

      Will you play in this role-play as often if you can?
      Yes, I'm an active player.

      Role-play Example (At least two paragraphs):

      News article: 1950


      written by Thomas Fellep.

      The growing tensions between the USSR and USA over ideals of government has become a terrifying cold war, after the years following WWII. As a result, many countries have become wary of the possible war that might even be another world war. Egypt; being one of those countries; has been building a larger army, and navy. The thought of being attacked by a bomb that has the devastating power of 50,000 tons of TNT was just enough for the Egyptian people to prepare for the worst.

      Citizens of Cario have become terrified of what to come: "I heard what happened (In Japan*)" Says Aaron Daan, a local business man in Cairo "I don't want them (USA) to do that to us also" so far, Egypt is gathering weapons and is involved with the Soviet Union, some citizens want change, and Maybe one day, It will happen.

      *The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by America.