Possible nations for a historical Pacific Map

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    • Possible nations for a historical Pacific Map

      With the New Map Poll taking place right now (check "news" for link), I want to show how many nations can be in the Historical Pacific Map if it is made.
      I'll do the list in this order, Axis, Allies, Comintern, Neutral. I'll also give several optional names for some countries. I think some nations should be unplayable, but I won't state which. Finally, this will be right after Pearl Harbour 1941.

      Axis: Is at war with all Allied nations, can declare war on neutral at any time and can declare war on Comintern from day 10.
      Allies: Is at war with all Axis nations except Vichy France (Excluding Free France). Can declare war on neutrals and Comintern from day 10.
      Comintern: Although at peace with the axis, they are technically allies with the Allies. Can declare war on Neutrals any-time, Axis from day 3 and on Allies from day 15.
      Neutral: Not allied with anyone, but can declare war on anyone they want whenever they want.

      AXIS: 6 Nations
      *Puppet states cannot declare war on Japan or each other until day 15.

      -Imperial Japan/ Empire of Japan, Empire of The Rising Sun
      -Kingdom of Thailand
      -Vichy France (Starts out at peace with Allied nations except for Free France, controls Indochina)
      -Manchuko (Puppet state)
      -Reorganized National Government of China/ RNGC (Puppet State)
      -Mengjiang/ Inner Mongolia (Puppet State)

      Allied: 9 Nations
      *Commonwealth nations cannot declare war on UK or each other until day 15.
      -Dominion of Canada (Commonwealth)
      -United States of America/ USA (Controls Philippines)
      -Dominion of New Zealand (Commonwealth)
      -Dominion of Australia (Commonwealth)
      -United Kingdom/ UK (Control's Burma, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaya, North Borneo, Solomon Islands etc)
      -Netherlands/ Dutch East Indies/ DEI
      -Free France (at war with Vichy, controls French Indian Cities, French Polynesia, New Caledonia)
      -British India/ Indian Raj/ British Raj (Commonwealth)
      -Nationalist China (Ceasefire with Communists)

      Comintern: 4 Nations
      -USSR/Soviet Union
      -Tannu Tuva
      -Communist China (Ceasefire with Nationalists)

      Neutrals: 10 Nations
      -Portugal (Controls Macau, Timor and Goa, which isn't on the map yet)
      -Sinkiang (Chinese Warlords)
      -Shanxi (Chinese Warlords)
      -Xibei San Ma (Chinese Warlords)
      -Yunnan (Chinese Warlords)
      -Guanxi Clique (Chinese Warlords)
      -Mengkukuo (Chinese Warlords)

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    • It is a bit silly splitting them all up. Now you have the Comintern, who have less members than the Axis, and the Allies, who are close to being able to beat both other groups at the same time.

      So looking at it, the Allies are OP while the Comintern don't really have a chance, and the Axis are along similar lines.

      Then if the Comintern and Allies cannot fight each other until, what, day 15, then that means Axis die in the first clash, then after day 15 the Allies win, because the Comintern are so outnumbered.
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    • I like the theory, but I don't like the way it's split up.
      I also don't like the "puppet nations".
      I also don't like the Commonwealth war regulations, because I assume this would be like Blitz 1939, right? And they don't have set alliances at the beginning, you can do whatever you want to change history.

      I feel like the best thing to do would have a Blitz 1941 sort of thing, but in the Pacific, and have it not be balanced like Blitz 1939.
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