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      Looking at the stats of units again and it appears that only rockets and nukes have good capabilities to really do some damage, which is incorrect. Now, I have no bone to pick with nukes, since they are completely devastating weapons of mass destruction. But missiles? MISSILES??!! The missiles we use here are the Vergeltungswaffe missiles. These are primitive missiles. Whenever Germany used them, they were inaccurate, easy to shoot down and when they actually did hit, they could only damage a few buildings. In this though they seem like beasts from Hell that devour everything in their path. Let me compare below.

      Real LifeIngame
      Easy to shoot downHas forcefield
      Small payloadLarge payload
      Range of 320km700km

      As you can see, the missile is way overpowered. The only difference is the speed, which is way underpowered. I would not mind them being so overpowered if you had a way of taking them out. They should either make them weaker or interceptable, since if they removed them from the game, it would be less fun.

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    • I'm not a missile specialist but I guess the real life V2 ones were weack because Germany was being destroyed by British-American Raids and their Industrial Capacity wasn't able to build lots of V2, and they couldn't be intercepted. The flying bomb V1 was very easy to intercept. By the way the tech needed was very new, so I agree they must be nerfed since they can be researched and built very fast with small costs.
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