Three minor suggestions

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    • Three minor suggestions

      Hello everyone

      I have three minor suggestions that in my opinion would make the game better:

      1. Option to see the map divided unto coalitions and neutrals.

      Wouldnt it be cool to see how the current political situation is with the coalitions? For an example right now i am playing a game in the pacific, where China controls mainland Asia and the rest of the world is together in a coalition against his. Just being able to see this on the map with the same colors for all the coalition would be rather cool and add a lot to the atmosfaire.

      2. Nuclear Bombers being carrier based.

      I was extremely suprised to find out that i cannot use nuclear bombers from aircraft carrieres. This suprises me a lot as it would make quite good sense for an example if you want to drop the nuke on Japan as US its more or less only possible if you can carrier it all the way. This would also give them a purpose after the nuclear missile is researched as they could be deployed long away from friendly territory.

      3. Naval Bombers becoming stronger.

      Historically aircrafts more or less made battleships a thing of the past as most powers powered up with lots, and lots of carriers. Yet i have found naval bombers and thereby aircraft carriers in terms on naval battle to be rather useless - while they do slight damage against destroyers and BBs they get absolutely wrecked if cruisers are brought to the battlefield. I would find it a lot more natural if the way to counter naval bombers would be to build your own carriers with fighters.

      What do you guys think about my suggestions? Do i have a point or am i completely off. :)

      - regards Storgaard
    • The first suggestion I like, like it is simple easy to implement, and could be very cool, I like that

      Nukes on carriers, Im not really sure about, and frankly I dont think that should be a priority right now (cough cough paratroopers and cargo/transport planes) In the 50player map, there are lots of Islands in strategic positions, build and capture them, and your nukes could fly all across the atlantic haha

      Naval bombers are fine, the prob is the AA of naval units... Espically Submarines... Naval bombers are a good unit, can be very useful, but only really against convoys and subs, and even still subs AA is to high...

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    • One and three are, in my opinion, some of the best small suggestions I've heard in a while. But two– eh, I don't think we can fundamentally change the nuclear bomber until Cold War comes out (maybe). In the Second World War, the only two atomic bombs were launched from a physical airport, presumably because they were more important than other bombers (?).
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    • I love one and three, great points.

      Until, as my friend above said, Bytro make this game more Cold War-ish, nuke bombers of carriers are a far off thought. Frankly, having them on carriers might be the only thing that gives them weight against rockets
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