Players League - Sign up for September

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    • Players League - Sign up for September

      Player’s League:
      The PL is a series of games which is created by players for players. The League starts every 1st. of a month a new game on different maps, with the players that have signed for the next game. Nobody needs to play every game. The winners of a match get points for the hall of fame. Direct any query or question you may have to miech, WildLobster or Xarus, Paramunac - the current PL organizers.

      Here you can find the hall of fame: click

      The Player’s League starts in July in a new season. A season runs for six games, after the six month we get the winners of this season. The winners get following prize:
      • Winner gets 20.000 Gold and two months High Command for free
      • Second gets 10.000 Gold and one month HC
      • Third gets 5.000 Gold and two weeks HC

      Standard Rules:
      • The use of GOLD is forbidden. (Controlled by Bytro support team)
      • After start we have a peace period until day-switch from day 3 to 4 for player and AI.
      • A maximum of 3 players per coalition/alliance.
      • The use of rockets and nukes is forbidden.
      • Be respectful to all players in the league.

      Honor Rules:
      • It's not allowed to give right of way (RoW) or higher to any players outside a coalition/alliance.
      • You can leave a coalition. When you do, an automatic NAP is in place of 24 hours after you left a coalition.
      • You can make a NAP between two nations, but this must have a runtime or an exit condition such as ‘until day X’ or ‘48 hours after cancelling’.
      • We are all gentlemen, respect your opponent and treat people as you would want to be treated yourself!

      Example of a standard NAP offer:

      Country X to country Y:
      I offer your country a NAP that ends in XX days, if any of us wants to cancel the NAP earlier there is a XX hr cancellation time.
      In that time, you are not allowed to attack my country and no one else is allowed to use your land to attack me and vice versa.

      Game Settings:
      • Each round starts on the first of a month at 08:00 am CET.
      • The time data is the game time. (See World Herald - daychange is 01:00 CET)
      • It's not allowed to enter a game after 48 hours. The password will be changed after this time.
      • Each game runs 30 days and will be ended after day change from day 30 to day 31. Winners are the players with the highest victory points from the World Herald.
      • Game language is English.
      • The nations will be randomized.
      • Players must have a rank of level 10 or higher

      General information:
      ‘Standard rules’ are rules that are enforced by Bytro and the PL organizers. We alone choose what punishment rulebreakers must face, be it an in-game punishment or even expulsion from the game or the league.

      ‘Honor rules’ are rules that are not necessarily enforced by the PL organizers, however with extreme offenses we reserve the right to punish players for violations such as multiple hidden alliances or extreme cases of NAP abuse. We encourage players to be true to their word and not break a deal made with other players. If you’re not true to your word other players won’t trust you. Be careful when making honor deals with others.

      If you go inactive during the game all agreements or partnerships are void immediately.

      Do not spam the World Herald with questions or accusations. Contact the PL organizers or refer to the rules that are always posted on the forum including information about when you’re allowed to attack.

      The PL is organized by the following four players: @miech, @wildL SPQR, @Paramunac and @Xarus if you have questions feel free to contact us or leave a reply here.

      (PL = players league | NAP = non aggression pact | ROW = right of way | SM = shared map | AI = artificial intelligence | HC = high command)

      Would you like to play with your friends in a game where gold is banned?

      Watch for the next season starts in September!
    • Disclaimer:

      If you sign-up for the Players League, you declare that you read the rules and accept that Bytro, the support team or PL organizers get the rights to kick you out of the competition if you break the rules/use Gold. Penalties for breaking standard rules or disruptive behavior are determined by the 3 PL admins at their discretion.

      • The next games starts on 1st of September. The games will be start at 08:00 am CET (server time).
      • You need to sign up until midnight of August the 27th.
      • At August the 28th. we will split the signed players randomly, into groups comprising of 30 players. Each group will get his own conversation in the forum.
      • At 1st of September we start for each Group it’s own 22 players “Clash of Nations” map. The first 22 players of each group can enter the game, if a map is full the last players go back into a reserve pool.
      • At 2nd of September we open a reserve player map for all players inside the pool.
      • At 3rd of September we close the lock in for all games and change the passwords.

      Sign up:
      If you want to sign up, write a response with your in game name. (Failure to provide your in-game name will result in you not being added to the game.)

      1. Xarus
      2. miech
      3. WildL
      4. Paramunac
      5. ribyfar
      6. Quasi-duck
      7. Sumbern
      8. Joking Guy 1342
      9. Unveiledsole
      10. BRDubbs
      11. Diabolical
      12. Andrew G.
      13. SplitPersonality
      14. bigred959
      15. ScareCrow
      16. General l hicks
      17. Mkmach7
      18. deusAZMODAN
      19. MarkAchkar
      20. RipEffect
      21. Aubie
      22. corpcanada
      23. Sorvik
      24. Redd Baron
      25. WhoDats
      26. killemall
      27. Sandozer
      28. K.Rokossovski
      29. Kreegan
      30. mycaddy
      31. YanniSconni
      32. Veets
      33. EJensen
      34. Sealchoker
      35. Arstotzka1
      36. Gunga Din JR
      37. trycster
      38. sadapta
      39. PanzerVor1940
      40. Grand AdmiralThrawn
      41. MahmoudExcel
      42. Chalonaar
      43. medo1990
      44. busylizzy
      45. margelatux
      46. netzonecal
      47. tuna-11
      48. jonchanson
      49. usa87
      50. nicky-d-
      51. callumsmith99
      52. vontakoda
      53. HSV-Forever
      54. Maximilianvs
      55. khaledmad12
      56. VanquizorI
      57. belaisco
      58. Nimbrel
      59. crazydrunkentiger
      60. Keith C. Temple
      61. dotars
      62. Armatus
      63. CityOfAngels
      64. Russell Sorensen
      65. WayneBo
      66. grandpooba52
      67. zyuk
      68. Sky049
      69. Krull-The Destroyer
      70. Sea_Jong
      71. cssamerican
      72. MadMax2015
      73. dmcd
      74. pigcutter28
      75. Casimir le Loup
      76. Crash99c
      77. redredrover
      78. Nored_The_Great
      79. Gen8
      80. Antariax
      81. GenZorg
      82. Blacksabre
      83. Killerbee

      Would you like to play with your friends in a game where gold is banned?

      Watch for the next season starts in September!
    • Sign me up please. ingame and forum name is BRDubbs.

      Also, can you correct this statement on page 1, under standard rules, which caused much confusion at the start of August game:

      After start we have a peace period until day-switch from day 2 to 3 for player and AI.

      Some people knew it was day-switch from day 3 to 4, (how, I don't know) but some of us didn't.
    • You know I'm in.
      It seemed like such a waste to destroy an entire battle station just to eliminate one man. But Charlie knew that it was the only way to ensure the absolute and total destruction of Quasi-duck, once and for all.

      The saying, "beating them into submission until payday", is just golden...pun intended.

      R.I.P. Snickers <3