Interview with Squiggle

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    • Interview with Squiggle

      Interview with @Sir McSquiggles made for "Gazeta Naczelna" - polish CoW's newsletter (#09 number: Gazeta Naczelna #09 | Sierpień)


      Defous: Hi Squiggle.

      Sir McSquiggle: Hey there Defous.

      How are you?

      I am doing fantastic. How are you my lovable Polish friend?

      Quite well. We have quite a late hour in Poland, so I drink tea and read a book.

      Okay. First tell us something about you. What’s your name and what do you do? What you like, your hobbies maybe?

      Time differences are quite funny sometimes. Its dinner time for me.

      Oh, enjoy your meal then.

      I am Sir McSquiggles, but in some far away land they call me Jake... When I am not working, I enjoy my free time playing video games, reading, studying history, listening to music, hanging out with friends/family, and sports. I am the Community Coordinator for Call of War, and English server Main Administrator. I am also MA for New World Empires, to assist the growing community. As well and Senior Game Operator for Thirty Kingdoms. I love to help people in the community if I can, while crushing my foes in the battlefield and drinking tea.

      Whoa, a lot of functions. So you can say that you are helping the whole of EN community in Bytro, yes?

      I would like to say I am helping the whole community. Wherever I am needed I will be. As CC I look over all the servers. But English is my primary language.

      One of Polish players (filipasso) asks: "How much gold you get for being a CC?".

      Hey Filipasso, I can tell you that I earn a bit more than a moderator. Its not too much more than other staff though, the real reward is the experience. I love being able to communicate with people with different languages and cultures. It is very interesting to learn something new. And I get a chance to learn some new languages. It is cool to present new ideas to the community, and make sure everyone is doing alright as well.

      Okay. We have another question from the Polish player (razoraz): "What is the most difficult thing about being a CC?".

      A great question razoraz! The most difficult thing about being CC is probably waking up and seeing I have 30-40+ notifications I have to read from my chats. Then I have to read through them all, and make sure I dont forget anyone haha. Sometimes it takes all day just to handle the issues I need to address.

      Mortes asks: "I've heared there is some kind of mob running things in CoW. Is it real? What can you tell us about it?"

      Hey Mortes, an interesting question... Perhaps there is a mob running things, perhaps not. For all you know, I could be the mob leader mwhahah! But personally, I think its the cute little cats who manage everything. Who doesnt like cats?

      Okay, that’s it. Now we could back to the correct interview. How is your story with Bytro games? How and when did you start your adventure with the CoW?

      My story of joining Call of War is quite simple. Back in June of last year, I began looking for cool browser games to play for free on my desktop. I wasnt as interested in my ps3 anymore haha. I was looking for a cool game. So I searched the jungle of the interwebs until I found an ad for Call of War. June 26th 2015 is the exact date I joined, its also the date I created my alliance (SquigglyFriends). I loved the chat and forum function, and the WWII theme. I made some awesome friends the first week of playing, some I still talk to today.

      Why "Sir McSquiggle"? It’s quite unusual nickname. Just like your avatar with jellyfish.

      I am the type of guy who often likes to joke and have a fun time. I thought it would be funny to go around with a silly, unique username. I tend to do this for online games. I used a jellyfish as my first forum avatar/Skype avatar/alliance profile. Its the closest representation of a Squiggle. A Squiggle is a rare and beautiful aquatic creature. Whenever I change these images, I tend to make them a cute little jellyfish.

      About one month ago you was chosen as the new Community Coordinator about what we reported in our newsletter. What do you think about this way of flow of information in game? And about our newspaper?

      Well firstly I have to say, I love the pictures that are drawn! Especially the one of the jellyfish holding a cat! The cartoonist is a great artist. I think the newspaper is a great way of connecting the community together. I love the humour too.

      What do you think about game aspect in Call of War? For example, many people compare Call of War to a simpler version of Hearts of Iron.

      I think its a lot like Hearts of Iron, Risk, even Victoria. It draws inspiration from many games but its also unique in its own way I think. I like being able to play against many players and/or playing with friends. The layout is simple and easy to understand, as well as unit classes.

      Call of War obviously is not a perfect game. What do you think is needed most in CoW for now?

      I think what is needed is more ideas for different types of units and maps.It is my hope to see more involvement between staff and the community as the months go on. I would also like to see more tournaments.

      Several people from the administration organizes a big poll with proposals for new maps from players. At what proposal you voted in third round? And of course what you think about this project?

      I voted for the Cold War map myself. I think the idea for these proposals are a great idea. Its a way for the community to connect with the developers to make the game greater.

      Do you have any thoughts about Poland and Polish people?

      I love Poland, and the Polish people. Most I have met seem to be nice, kind hearted fellows. The majority of the population happen to be Catholic like I am. And my favourite pope, John Paul II is from Poland. I dont know Polish language, but I would like to learn one day perhaps, and visit!

      In this year in US will be presidential election. Because you live there I have a simple question: Trump or Hillary and why? Of course if it is not a secret or something private.

      Honestly, I am for Trump all the way. Previously I had other candadites in mind but once it narrowed down to Trump, that was the only real choice for me. Hillary would be even worse for this country. It is sad to see the media portray her as an angel. In her 30+ years of being a politician she has lied and gotten americans killed many times. There are also many issues facing USA, with illegal immigration, terrorism and debt being the top. Trump, in my opinion will have a better chance of solving these issues.

      At the end of interview question unrelated to the game. I hear that you're a big fan of cats. It’s true?

      How do you know I am a cat lover???? But seriously I love cats, and I love seeing funny pictures/gifs/videos of cats. Ive always had a cat around my house as long as Ive been alive. Right now I have a small cat named Izzy.

      I think that is enough. Maybe do you have a message for Polish community and our readers?

      I would like to thank the Polish community for being awesome. The readers for taking their time to read this, and their support. And the staff for their work for the community. The PL server is one of the best that CoW has.

      It's nice what you said. Thank you for your time and good luck Squiggle.

      Thank you. I hope you have a good night! I appreciate you taking the time for this interview.