Clarification of Victory Point limit for Pacific maps...

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    • Clarification of Victory Point limit for Pacific maps...


      I have question about Victory Points limit for the pacific map.

      20.7.2016 was announced, that victory points limit will be deceased form 100% to 60%.

      I play Pacific map, that was started before 20.7.2016. So will my game be affected with this update?

      What should be the VP limit settings for my game?

      • A)VP limit remains at 100% (no retrospective change of VP limit)
      • B)VP limit will be decreased to 60% (restrospective change of VP limit)
      • C)VP may be 100% bud will be decreased to 60% unexpectly…

      So could anybody answer my question? ?(
    • It is written indirectly in the point "An error occured that players needed 100% of victory points to win the map."
      That indicates that 2725 VP (=100%) is wrong and that it has been fixed somehow...

      If I switch to the czech localization, then it is written directly...
      Translation: "Limit of Victory points needed to end the Pacific map game were decreaset to 60% of original value."
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    • Hello,

      This bug was fixed for all new games created after the announcment date.

      All newly created 50 Player Pacific maps [Correction should have 1,635 VP target] However, all pre fix maps will have the 2,725 and will need to reach that to win.

      As your round was created on the 11.06.16 before this update was announced and this issue fixed you will need to control 2,725 VP to win the round. This game could be ended if you made a bug report and all active players agreed to end the round and if ranked payout will be given.

      MontanaBB wrote:

      MontanaBB wrote:

      No, this is the developers-can't-stop-tinkering-and-the-Pacific-map-still-isn't-ready-for-prime-time factor.

      This reply shows the only "tinkering" done by the dev team is to fix issues/bugs.

      MontanaBB wrote:

      MontanaBB wrote:

      "I'm in Day 9 of my second game, and it requires 1,635 points."

      @Dr. Leprechan I think you missed this when you closed the previous thread. Please see game 1595717. The required victory points in this game is 1,635, not 2,044, and the game is now in Day 13, and was started after the update that was supposed to correct and finalize this issue.

      Thank you.

      I am never ashamed to admit I was wrong tis a sign of a helper not afraid to help the community and game :)

      Well that is 60% 0f the 2725 :) (if my maths is correct it nearly never is :P ) so the correct amount. But the players reported round was a bugged round as I noted as could be the old round from my notes ;( =O

      But again shows dev team is working on fixing issues :D

      All the best
      Dr. Leipreachán
      Community Support

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