Together we are strong!

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    • Together we are strong!

      Dear Generals,

      during war it is hard to get in touch with your allies, but we need to communicate to win together. With this update we want you to have even better communication in coalitions. You will now see a notification whenever you receive a new coalition message. So take out your pens and papers and start writing. Coordinate your armies together and help each other to achieve victory.

      Furthermore we have following changes for our Generals:

      • Armies received the same army number, which is fixed.
      • Units that had 0% morale, 0 hitpoints and could not move shouldn’t appear in the game anymore.
      • Default roads look better visually when zoomed out.
      • Some countries weren't choosable in country selection, is fixed.
      • If more than one ship was selected the units appeared as convoys, is fixed.
      • Long country names were not readable in the province bar, is fixed.
      • On the pacific map, some flags in the province bar were missing.
      • Game didn’t refresh properly if it was running in an inactive tab.
      • Mail buttons in the diplomacy list for NPCs have been removed to avoid confusion.
      • Map drag experience in Chrome has been improved.
      • The war warning against allies when attacking enemy units in allied provinces has been removed.
      • The attack timer is now more reliable.
      • Diplomacy messages got lost when the game refreshed, is fixed.
      • Some map bugs in the worldmap have been fixed.
      • You will now see a notification whenever you receive a new coalition message.

      We hope you like the changes. Tell us your feedback in the forum. Have fun playing!

      Your Call of War Team

      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager
    • It seemed like such a waste to destroy an entire battle station just to eliminate one man. But Charlie knew that it was the only way to ensure the absolute and total destruction of Quasi-duck, once and for all.

      The saying, "beating them into submission until payday", is just golden...pun intended.

      R.I.P. Snickers <3