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    • Roleplay A Novice’s Guide

      Roleplay A Novice’s Guide
      What is Roleplay (RP)?
      In simple terms RP is mostly just creating and building a character that leads your county, you act as a leader of a nation (make decisions political, military and economic). So you create your countries story and then RP it out with other Role-players in a map. You write as a person and not an overview or commentator of a situation.

      I will not elaborate or go into a big long detailed post as this is RP.

      Call of War has many Roleplay Communities for example the Role-Players Union (RPU). We also have many good individual role-players who do not see themselves as part of a group but lone wolfs.

      For some players, Roleplay (not the kind you are thinking of :P ) helps to enhance our gameplay. For other people it just seems like why the heck would I waste my time on this? For that all I have to say is WHY NOT :D

      In Call of War and other games there are two types of RPs,

      1. Open (you can join whenever you want as the map is not passworded and no sign up needed)
      2. Closed (Usually the elite RPs :D Forum posts are made rules are clear and players have to agree and apply for a passworded map.)

      Starting a RP:

      Creating a new game involves coming up with ideas, lets be honest sounds easy right? The fact is this can be difficult. For example you might think you have come up with the perfect idea for an RP, but you look in the forums and see a similar idea was already out there and it may have failed and so you can wonder “is it worth it”, the answer is YES! just because one game failed does not mean your game will. The players make a successful RP nothing else has a factor if folk cant RP then it will fail if folk can then the RP can last a long time (from my own exp can last as long as 5 months or more)

      Let’s not hide the plain and obvious making your own RP can be complicated. You have to come up with an idea, choose the map that you think will suit (often have to redraw borders a term called landswap) and most importantly create the rules with the most common been “No Out of Character (OCC) posts in World Herald” and “NO Gold Use”. Then finally you can either have it Open or Closed, If closed you create a application template the most commonly used one that I have seen would be the following;

      Display Spoiler

      Player Name:
      Nation you wish to play as:
      Name of your leader (No personal name):
      Previous Roleplays (If you have not been in one, an article):

      I agree to follow the rules of all new features:

      I promise I will be able to play this role-play for the duration of the game

      I Agree that if I break any rules I will be kicked from the game.
      I Agree/Disagree

      I agree to Role-play daily in the WH and to keep my posts professional.
      I Agree/Disagree

      I read all the information in the rules and signup thread

      Please Note: I have the ability and the right to deny any application, and I will be willing to not let some people into the RP.

      Roleplay can have many themes on Call of War and could include any of the following;

      1. WW2:

        • Post WW2
        • Alt WW2
        • Pre WW2
        • Post WW2
        • Inter War Years
      2. Cold War

      3. Modern

      4. Fantasy
      And many more that any RP creator can create, as RP is 50% imagination, 35% fun and 15% effort.

      Most importantly, you need to ask yourself;

      1. “What are my games offering players that others do not?”

      I cannot answer this question for you, this is one you need to find yourself. I would suggest been unique is always a good option to follow but you can always draw on previous RPs just please do not just copy others.

      Your thoughts and opinions on what makes a great RP is wanted and welcomed as those of us that RP have our own thoughts and ideas, feel free to share

      Good luck to you all in your RP adventures

      Dr. Leipreachán
      Community Support
    • Nice intro Dr. L
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      "Why is it that those who have no idea of their power govern some of the largest and strongest nations of all time? One should be aware of their power before abusing it." - Alexandera Nevsky

      -Alexandera Nevsky,

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