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    • Paratroopers

      Paratroopers should be added to the air research. The plane should fly over towards the target, and the paratroopers will be dropped. then the plane will go back and land. Once landed, there are no more troops, so infantry can be put onto the unit, and then the plane will be refilled. One morale for the plane, and one morale for the troops on the plane. This unit could be helpful when flying over enemy troops to attack from behind, or just to avoid having to fight them first.

      Landing time for the paratroopers should be 5 minutes. And during that time, enemy troops (Anti-air only) can shoot at the troops, and lower morale. when going to the ground, it will be considered infantry, and the anti-air will be attacking that branch as they fall to the ground.

      +25% strength on plains
      -25% strength in forest/hills
      +25% strength city

      Hope this can be incorperated somehow :thumbsup:
    • Dramos wrote:

      I like the idea of paratroopers but chances are they will be [available only after] day 20-30 or something like . . . .
      German fallschirmjaegers played key roles in the assaults on the Netherlands and Belgium in mid-1940. If we're going to have paratroops, they should be available in the first 10 to 16 days (the first two or three research cycles) of the game.

      BTW, if you're not surviving past Day 20 without spending large amounts of gold, you're doing something wrong.
    • Not again, Every one in a while, somebody brings this up. What is the point? Bytro doesn't seem to want to add them, no matter how we pester them. Just about everybody has tried at this time
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    • At this point we have indeed heard this suggestion many time but trust me when I tell you all that our list of suggestion is pretty big since you are all working hard on coming up with new suggestions.

      Please never stop bringing up ideas, but feel free to use the search function before you open a new thread, you might find an ongoing discussion where you can add more pros and cons for specific suggestions :)
      Sarah / Sasri
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    • I have a simple solution!

      Create a new special unit called Cargo plane that can carry one (1) foot unit (Militia,Infantry,Commando) and move it anywhere the plane can fly to, this type of movement will make people build infantry well past day 15 in a game.

      Once the above has been integrated into the game the paratroop can be implemented by modifying the already created unit Commando into commando/paratroop unit where the Cargo Plane can drop only this unit behind enemy lines but not militia or infantry.
    • i have a simpler solution!

      Create paratrooper infantry (airborne infantry) it's branch of technology is the infantry section of course..

      When it's on an airfield it can air assault (paradrop units) with limited range, when it's in air it'll be vulnerable like very much of the cargo ships on water, now when it reaches it's destination it will automatically disembarked (or a short disembarkation time if necessary), and return to it's infantry form.

      It can only air assault when the unit is on an airfield (friendly of course), Commandos should be able to air assault too, embarkation can be long like 1 hour or so.

      some important notes:

      To train you need: an airfield, IC and barracks. level 2 airfields and barracks perhaps?

      i don't know if they used carriers as airfields for paratroopers during ww2 but if they did, it would be nice to be able to use them as airfields for paratroopers.

      St Jimmy.jpg


    • I would disagree, I think the paratroopers should be more like the paratroopers from Conflict of Nations, they are an infantry unit, but function as airplanes. I will explain, what happens is that the unit has a range (much like an airplane except patrolling) and you would click on the province you want that unit to go to, and they will fly there. Basically, a flying and much more faster infantry unit. If you want to know what I am talking about, you should go play Conflict of Nations, it is call of war but in the future.
    • Please, no paratroopers.

      It adds a complication and makes the game less realistic (yes I know that game is not realistic, but deliberate steps away from that are not a good idea IMO.

      Before the war, some people bandied about the concept of an "airhead" (like a bridgehead from the sea but with paratroopers instead of marines). In practice this proved to be nonsense. Paratroopers cannot do deep penetration and need to hook up with ground troops very quickly to get supplies and survive. Looking at the actual air operations of WWII:

      1) Yes the glider assault on Eben Emael was successful, but this was a company-size operation, very far below the scale of this game.

      2) Sicily was a disaster and the paratroopers -- who were coming in with seaborne infantry and not dropping deep in enemy territory, that is in the same province as the seaborne troops -- contributed little.

      3) Normandy was fine and the paratroopers helped a little bit. But the paratroopers were coming in with seaborne infantry and not dropping deep in enemy territory, that is in the same province as the seaborne troops.

      4) Arnhem was a complete disaster.

      5) There was a big drop when the British crossed the Rhine later, but the paratroopers -- who were coming in with the army crossing the river and not dropping deep in enemy territory, that is in the same province as the troops crossing the river -- were completely unnecessary.

      6) The Russians had a lot of paratroops, but in practice only did a few small drops close to their ground troops that IIRC didn't go well or contribute anything. Nobody else used paratroops in any significant way,

      Against that you do have Crete, a deep penetration that succeeded (but probably wouldn't have without the caiques landing soon after with seaborne troops) but at the cost of the permanent destruction of the German airborne arm as a major formation.

      Say no to paratroopers. If you want to add something unrealistic, let's have hovercraft or zeppelins or whatever. I'd rather see cavalry, which the French and Russians and Poles and others did use. Cavalry'd be simpler to program too (not that I actually want to see cavalry).

      If you must have paratroopers, then
      1) can only drop in a province which friendly ground troops have already entered.
      2) have low combat value
      3) are expended on use (like the Germans in Crete).
    • Also, programming airborne is pretty easy to me, I mean honestly, just go to CoN and use those airborne units for example. In CoN, they have a -25% attack power in almost every environment (excluding water), but have a +25% defense boost in Urban provinces, they also have very little combat boosts in the other environments (Due to being airborne). To me, they would function as Airmobile Infantry, so they would be regular infantry, but you would have an option that you could click on, it would say like 'Airborne' or 'Air Assault' or something like that. You could also mix Commandos and Airborne together, they would have a range of around 600 (when paradropping). Also like CoN, you couldn't recall them once they are enroute to a location. Now, they would be based in the Infantry Section, but would require that you,
      A. Have researched Militia, Infantry, and Interceptors
      B. Have a Level 2 Barracks, Level 2 Airfield, and a level 1 Factory

      Now, To launch them (since choppers were not invented yet) the unit would have to be on an airfield. Now, when the units are ordered to commence an operation, they would act like a flying convoy, but when they are dropped (or arrive) they would transform back into regular infantry units (with their stats) and would continue on fighting. I don't want to see cargo planes that could carry units because that is just kinda useless (however, if that is all Bytro gives us then so be it) and would just be really complicated. Now, they could mix with regular infantry units, but would not be able to do airborne ops.
    • Just have to say something, Airborne is terrible at large offensives in real life. They were good fighters, but when it came to actually fighting with well-armed and well-trained infantry, they did not do well. If you want to see that in action, go watch Episode 4 of Band of Brothers, there is a company of infantry fighting an SS armor company/regiment. They lost a lot of people because they did not have adequate Anti-Tank weaponry to fight the German armor or to even fight the German infantry who were attacking them. So, Airborne was light infantry that had the ability to jump out of airplanes. That should be focused on when suggesting paratroopers in my opinion.
    • JCS Darragh wrote:

      Just have to say something, Airborne is terrible at large offensives in real life.
      it is also pretty bad in call of war. all you can do is hit the province with bombers and to lower moral, hoping. that it will rebel, and if it does, it rebels to you.
      "White Fang knew the law well: To oppress the weak and obey the strong"
      Jack London, White Fang

      My parents once told me not to play with matches, so I built a flamethrower