Friendly airbase / airport

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    • Friendly airbase / airport

      I was wondering if anyone was ever able to use a friendly airbase / airport / airfield ?

      I can see that the AI has build them, but not send my planes via air to it. They will always go over ground.
      Even if I cancel out fog of war by having troops in the province.

      And of course I have Right of way !

      I don't think this is correct, if my ground troops are allowed, so are my planes.
      But the other way around does seem to work without issues, as I always have AI planes all over my land.
      (not on patrol)

      Could this be checked ?

    • Good morning, it's all correct! If you want to use a airbase from an other nation you need shared map!

      The meaning of right of way is that is allowed for your troops to pass through this land, but not to use the buildings. No planes can use airbase and you troops got not the bonus in fortifications.

      Would you like to play with your friends in a game where gold is banned?

      Watch for the next season starts in September!