Premium Games - No In-Game Gold

    • Premium Games - No In-Game Gold

      Is there currently a setting/offering where if I elect to pay for a premium subscription to this game that I can take part in games where in-game gold microtransactions are banned? I understand that gold makes the world go round, but at this point I would be willing to PAY in order to avoid a game in which rampant gold use throws off all sense of strategy or trumps all the smart mechanics built into the game. Call of War is a wonderful game - but I don't think the answer to gold is to spend more gold, because in the end it just changes the game - instant technology, instant buildings, instant units, instant intel, instant morale, etc. When people use it every once in a while because they have a little gold left over from a victory or something, it's fine - but there appear to be more and more people out there willing to spend their whole paycheck in order to completely ruin games. How can Bytro protect us from these people? I am willing to become a Premium player and pay my way in order to play a pure game of CoW :)

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