Pinned No Attack Options?

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  • No Attack Options?

    Hello folks,

    So some of you might have noticed that you are in games/ joined games with NO ATTACK OPTIONS. In most cases this is NOT A BUG as you have more than likely joined a game that has the Peace Period option enabled by its creator.

    Before joining a new game and you want to get in to conquering and to heck with the peace period press the (i) button on a game window/tile/box before you join to see if that round has the peace Period enabled.

    If you are in a round and you see this when you clik on any of your units;
    This means the Peace period is enabled in that round. To double check this it is simple, press the (i) button on game tile OR go to Day 1 of the ingame Newspaper the World Herald and select the “All Tab” and scroll to end of Day 1, you should see this;

    Dr. Leipreachán
    Community Support