New airplane units?/Other stuff

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    • New airplane units?/Other stuff

      Do you want Cargo aircraft, and Assault Carriers? 7
        Yes (4) 57%
        No (3) 43%
      Well, I would like to see some form of new aircraft, playing as island nations and America most of the time, I never have a quick way to transport troops other than by boat, and most of the time my enemy already has their Navy blockading my shores, thus meaning, I have to fight them off my coast. So, my army cannot get into my enemies country which is problematic for me. Second, my air power cannot get from America to another country and nuke people, which is a HUGE problem seeing as I have to wait for them to come to me to nuke them, and destroying my own cities and other things. So, my army and my air power can or cannot get across the ocean with out being intercepted (Yes I know I can use the other naval units and the carrier, but I can't spare my navy to escort my landing craft, or my country gets invaded, also the carrier ALWAYS gets intercepted by another fleet) So, my suggestion is either, an assault carrier (ones that carried marines) or a cargo plane that has a HUGE distance, like if you play as America or an island country, all you have to do is secure a landing strip and start landing your fighting force. I would very much like these new units, not something like Air Borne (I would like that), but instead something that can allow quick transport of units.