• I have an idea about something that I think a lot of players can agree on, defenses, we all have them and we all need them. So, I was thinking about Barbed wire, Land mines, trenches, and barriers. I thought it would be nice to have them in CoW as something you can build in a province and select where it is, just like a naval base, I will explain what I mean.

      So, you accidentally started a war with someone, they are aggressive players with a large armor and infantry army. You do not have enough manpower to create a large enough army to counter them, what is a simple way to defend yourself? Well, currently it is Militia or other units, but lets say those units are too far out to help this province, I would like to have Barbed wire and anti-tank barriers that you can build up quickly. (About 20 or 10 minutes) These are my proposals to this situation.

      - Barbed Wire, Defend against infantry and slow them down so it takes them about 1 hour to get through the wire.

      - Land mines, Defend against any ground unit and get a 40% chance to destroy the unit, but it lowers the units health significantly.

      - Anti-Tank barriers- Defend against any armor units and slow them down, takes about 2 hours to get passed them.

      Also, all of these depend on the situation, if they are in a forest biome then it does more or less, I am not an expert in explosives and other stuff, this is just my two-sense on the situation, also sorry for all the naval tags, I was doing something about Naval units but one my my friends erased it all so I just did this instead. Cheers!
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