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    • Manpower/units

      from what i can see in my 2nd game im getting very little manpower production (day 5).. im finding it difficult to build many units, also planes/armour seem to be very cheap in manpower so there isnt very much use for anything with high manpower cost as you cant produce enough of them, so suggestion is increase manpower production and the barracks % increase of the provinces manpower production as well, maybe change non core provinces to 75% manpower production as well. i haven't played much yet but this seems like an issue.
    • Nah, I think it's fine. I can understand why non-core provinces have low production. With the colonies in Africa it is either going to be vast deserts or huge swathes of jungles, neither of which will have many inhabitants. Then with conquered provinces, general resource production should be a 50% loss, not 75%, but a country that has recently been conquered will not be too happy with it's new leaders.

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    • what im suggesting is that manpower is made easier to get by changing values for core/non core provinces and buildings so that players dont build other units instead of infantry, (them being 1250 a unit and light tanks being 525) so its better to build tanks as they dont require as much manpower and manpower is very difficult to get.. or the values be changed so that its more expensive for some units.. atm im not able to build infantry as i would only be able to produce 1 a day where as i could build 3 light tanks.. i also dont like that there is a consumption on the manpower resource, why would there be a consumption? you shouldnt have to recruit new manpower to use in units you already have built, therefore there shouldnt be a manpower consumption except on maybe buildings like barracks
    • Ehm, I do not know how the mechanics work but I am guessing that the drain on it is from deaths on frontlines/deaths in mines, just kind of death in general. Why would barracks be made to consume manpower when they are here to give a boost of manpower production? Also, why are you complaining about being able to build light tanks but not able to build infantry? That doesn't make sense as light tanks are better than infantry.

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    • being able to buy 2 light tanks for the same manpower price as 1 infantry, if you then consider the strengths of each unit then the -50% in cities for tanks will not make the infantry better, i still think there needs to be some fix for manpower, especially as non core provinces give less manpower meaning it will get more difficult as i take provinces and continue building an army.
    • clearly you being such a great 'strategic mastermind' havent thought ahead as i have, non core provinces give 75% production and manpower can be increased with barracks up to 25% more, therefore non core provinces are essentially useless in increasing manpower and barracks on core provinces take a long time (5 lvls) to increase that by any amount and that would be expensive, so therefore if you continue building an army with the current consumption, you will eventually reach a maximum and this would be too early and not allow proper development, in addition to this you do not get enough production in a day to have any choice on what to build as it is decide by the low production, im asking for increased manpower production for a higher maximum army and for more variety of units to be allowed so that the gameplay is better, i did not say this is a complaint either, i just want better gameplay.

      and also after playing supremacy for nearly 2 years and winning multiple games i think i am better than you at this game and im sure there are other players who can see this and the benefit of the increased manpower.

      after checking your supremacy account i ask for evidence of your skills.
    • Alright, I see where I may have insulted you earlier. PM me if you want to continue that(by the way, my English is better than yours!).

      If you had checked out the unit costs at the start, like I did, you would have noticed that stuff like missiles require no manpower to build. Buildings do not either, at least at the low levels. Clearly you can continue warmongering and developing with the use of missiles. Manpower shouldn't affect the gameplay too much, I think it may end up being like oil.

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    • So far i just can see you drifting into "Who is the best" disscussion - *irony on* look my supremacy stats they are awesome! *irony off*

      Over all the Balancing seems clear and each countrie has its own ressource that runs low after some time. I think its good part for all economical players that for your military production you need to lead your countrie with attention onto several factors. For all the military players the big tech tree is a place where you can play and have fun. The new ground types having effect to the battle also like the huge amount of different types of Units and levels of them.

      Lukebnm wrote:

      i just want better gameplay.
      Don´t we want it all? But in fact you will have to agree my point of view that the gameplay allready is really dynamically and feels fast.

      But yes maybe! some finetuning is necessary on the mechanical units on the costs for the production.
    • Well, I liked a lot the way Bytro choose to use Manpower to balance and make the game harder. I think that the discrepacy between the amount of resources needed to build Infantry and Light Tanks is right, since it must be harder to build armoured divisions, and for now it is. Tanks are worse than Inf. in cities, waste oil, can be killed by AT ( Edit: they have smaller protection against air units too) and take more resources to be produced, also if you want a lot of infantries you won't have manpower to do the rest.

      The game can't let the players just build divisions, the process is supposed to be hard, making Inf. a drain to your manpower, for no *Any division kind* Spam.
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    • everyone has lots of inf on their tutorial game ^, and i dont think ill need a few weeks to see how the game develops, im just suggesting an increase in the barracks % increase on the production maybe something like that of the other resource boosting upgrades. not sure if buildings like infrastructure increase manpower production though if someone would like to answer?