100 player map North Africa and Africa regions

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    • 100 player map North Africa and Africa regions

      Do you agree with a Revision of resource placement in Africa? 5
        Yes (3) 60%
        No (2) 40%
      Its understandable that in the sense of keeping nations balanced in comparison to Europe and other nations, that the North Africa region on the 100 Player map is more sparser and larger.

      However i would like to raise an issue, because what happens is, over the long run, it takes more time for troops to capture and fight wars in the North Africa region, because many provinces south of the Coastline are empty - They do not have resources. They also seem to be further apart.

      So what happens is, if you start capturing provinces on day 1, it would take you longer, and give you less points when investing time capturing Sahara'n regions which are empty, as opposed to European provinces which are compact and take less time to capture.

      For the sake of balancing things out, i would like to propose a Revision of the regions of North Africa, map-wise, simply because it takes more time to travel between provinces and less points are given after capture as opposed to compacted provinces in Europe which are more compact, need less time to travel, and are more resourceful.

      I have noticed this with day 15, it took much more time to travel from one point to another to gain any benefit as opposed to say Greece, Turkey and Middle east regions that, which are neighbors, can easily be taken over and give resources immediately.