Important missing feature: Unit pins in supremacy?

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    • Important missing feature: Unit pins in supremacy?

      Do you agree with adding the supremacy1914 unit pin view as a feature? 10
        Da - Yes (7) 70%
        Niet - no (3) 30%
      Yet another suggestion, as much as i dislike ' spamming suggestions ', i think this suggestion is somewhat important and a tad bit critical.

      In Supremacy1914, you would normally be able to select viewing your troops as pins. In call of war however, this feature is missing.

      I find this strange. Please give us the ability to view troops as pins, as this will allow more in depth control of troops.


      The unit pin view feature is very useful and needed because:
      • It allows movement of troops a little closer or further away from cities,
      • it allows a more clear and non messy view of your troops.
      • It allows you to time your attacks, and defences.
      • if you haven't noticed, some units snap to cities and troops when you give them orders, automatically giving them a move order for about 10 to 15 minutes until they reach 'snapped' destination. Well with the Pin feature, you can move your troops for less, outside the cities and closer to the cities. This is important because if you have artillery, you could save time bombarding an enemy unit that is approaching to attack in say 1 hour and some minutes. It saves you 20 minutes of headache, and while the troop takes time to reach you, you could bombard them to kingdom come.
      • It is also important when you decide to sacrifice 1 troop to fight an enemy effectively delaying the unit, while you let your artillery finish the job.
      Supremacy :

      Call of war :

      As you can tell, its a mess, it is difficult to select individual troops and give them orders. It should be easier to control troops down to the very minutes before; after; and during attacks, and select them individually, even though stacked but broken up into parts.

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    • this game needs most of the S1914 features, like pins, ribbons, website layout.

      Basically, most CoW is a beautiful mess.
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