Some random suggestion(s)

    • Some random suggestion(s)

      GENERALS! they are here to help your units organize, and so they boost specific infantry/armor/Naval stats. they "should" be expensive, maybe even receive a salary like the spies. generals should only command a maximum of 3 units at once (12 heavy tanks stacked up on one general does not equal a nice time), if a general dies in combat, you should not be able to use that general in that match anymore

      PARTISANS! they are there to resist the enemy, and they are not going to stop until they liberate their home! they are not available for training, instead....if your enemy captures one of your core provinces, and a uprising happens, there will spawn 1/2/3 partisan units in that province that you can control. their power for attacking/defending non-core provinces is low. but their power for defending/attacking core provinces is high. (partisans will be generated if a uprising happens in a non-core province) (Partisans can be researched, in the "secret" tech tree....they will be available on day 8..but you can receive partisans before researching them!)
      ATTACK POWER AGAINST INFANTRY CLASS: 2.5/3.6/4.0/5.0 depending on level. (Bonus. doubled stats if on Core province/halved on non core province)
      DEFENSE POWER AGAINST INFANTRY CLASS: 3.6/4.0/5.0/6.0 depending on level (Bonus. doubled stats on core provinces/halved stats on non-core provinces)

      ATTACK POWER AGAINST ARMOR CLASS: 1.0/2.0/3.6/4.0 depending on level (Doubled on core provinces.....halved on non-core provinces)
      DEFENSE POWER AGAINST ARMOR CLASS: 2.0/3.6/4.0/5.0 depending on level (doubled on core provinces...halved on non core provinces, do I have to repeat this every time?)

      DEFENSE AGAINST AIR FORCES: 0.5/1.0/2.0/3.6 depending on level (Bonus is not applied in neither core, or non-core provinces)

      ATTACK POWER AGAINST NAVAL CLASS: 0.5 at all levels (no bonus on water)
      DEFENSE POWER AGAINST NAVAL CLASS: 2.0 at all levels (no bonus on water)
      SPECIAL: embarking/disembarking time is reduced by 25% if on core provinces.
      embarking/disembarking time is increased by 25% if on non-core provinces

      spent 1 hour on this suggestion, don't be too harsh...
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