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  • [Outdated 1.0] CoW FAQs

    Greetings Generals,
    Please allow this thread to address some of the most asked questions that players have.

    (Please Note: As the game changes and improves this section should be updated. Also this section will be updated as often as possible)

    What’s the Difference between Non-Core and Core Provinces?
    In CoW all the provinces you begin with are “CORE” provinces.

    When you take over a province it will be a “NON-CORE” province.. You send a unit and conquer. The difference is that afterwards, the province will have a high rebellion risk if left without units and ONLY produces at 25% (or -75%) resources.

    On A Leprechán Note: You CANNOT make a Non-Core Core Provinces.[/color]

    How do I increase province Morale?
    • Build up your Province.
    • Station units with high morale
    • Use Gold
    How do I Increase Resource production?
    • Build Infrastructure, Industrial Complexes and/or naval baes but note that Naval Bases will cost a lot of oil to upkeep.
    • To increase food production you can also disable unused barracks.
    • Conquer territories (you will not be handed resources on a public stage you will need to take them).
    How do Increase my Cash Production?
    • Build up your province.
    • Conquer new land.
    • Trade on the stock market.
    • Trade with other players
    How can I Increase my Manpower?
    Manpower is a resource that must be managed. Do NOT spam infantry early game. To increase Manpower production, build Barracks in high population provinces and of course conquer new land.

    On a Leprechán Note:
    You cannot reduce Manpower consumption.

    I Cannot Scroll Down or Left to Right in the Research Screen?
    To fix this CLICK & DRAG the Research window.

    What Exactly is State based Damage Efficiency?
    Or SBDE, is a percentage rating for stacked units of the same kind. If your stack of units has 100 points in strength (attack/defense value) but only 70% in SBDE, they will inflict damage as if they were only at 70 points in strength.

    Click below to
    State Based Damage Efficiency

    How does Patrol work?
    Your Units on Patrol will patrol within a set radius, attacking four times in a hour against land and air targets.

    What does Embargo Mean?
    Embargo means you cannot buy or sell with players on the Market that you have an Embargo on or they with you.

    How many Units in a Infantry?
    My guess is about 1000.

    Can I Demolish Buildings?
    You cannot demolish buildings on CoW.

    I See Offers in Market Greater than 30 Per unit?
    This is becasue the AI has placed offers on the market for values greater than 30 per unit. Human players cannot do this.

    I Have Been Made Game Admin/Game Host What Next?
    The Game Admin/Host is normally the creator of the game in question, however if the original game admin/host goes inactive the person with the highest points in the game that is active will then become the Game Admin/Host.

    The Game Admin/Host has the powers to remove inactive players and that is all.

    Game Admins/Hosts have no control over anything else in the game and are not obliged to remove any inactive players.

    Note: System generated rounds Game Admin cannot remove inactive

    Leprechán Note:

    When the Game Admin/Host removes inactives they cannot pick and chose they will remove all inactives by default.

    How is VP in the World Herald Calculated?
    This is complicated but I believe it is the same as other Bytro Games (click below link to open)
    CoW Calculation of VP

    On a Leprechán Note:
    This is what I believe to be how province morale is calculated like other Bytro games. The Daily European in this case is the World Herald)

    How Does Morale Affect my Country?
    • Low morale in your provinces affects your realm in different ways. It mainly leads to lower productivity. Production is important as it depends on morale. A province that has 90% morale will produce twice as much then a province with 30.

    • Low Morale can lead to revolts/Rebellions. These are where a provinces people will “overthrow” your local government and that city and its people will then choose to join a new country.
    • This will be reported in the World Herald and usually takes place at day change, a overthrown government and/or failed rebellion will be reported.

    • Revolts can happen when morale is lower than 30% or below but will be highly unsuccessful unless it hits 25% and below and has very few troops garrisoned in the province.
    Morale rates:
    • A high morale or green morale ranges from 100%-80% morale, where stability and productivity is at its highest.
    • Above Average morale ranges from 60%-70% whereas stability and productivity is normal.
    • 60% and below would be threatening and 25% and under is rebellion state (These may be out a bit but are a rough guide).
    On a Leprechán Note: The following things help you to avoid low morale in a province:
    • Avoid shortage of resources.
    • Build Forts.
    • Fill their daily consumption and the morale will raise slowly at daychange.
    • All provinces next to your province will affect the moral. The provinces around your province should have high moral.
    • The distance to your countries capital should be as short as possible. Improve infrastructure, harbours, etc. in order to decrease the travel time to the capital.
    • The relations to other countries affect the moral of all the provinces in your country as well. So if you are at war with county you have a -5% War penalty.
    • You can use Gold to increase province morale if wanted.
    On a Leprechán Note: Having armies in provinces WILL NOT increase the moral, but they can stop revolts/rebellions.

    How do I Heal My Units?
    To heal your units simply rest them do not have them in battle, with land units it is best to rest them in provinces with high morale. Rest naval units at sea (keep out of battle too).

    On a Leprechán Note: You can also use Gold to raise morale too when units are not in battle.

    At What Rate do Damaged Units Heal?
    They should heal if you rest them and keep out of battle and it is faster if in a province with high morale. The rate is 15% per day.

    What does High Command Give You?
    High Command gives you access to gold games for free, a special HC chat, the ability to queue buildings and production, fire control for ranged units, and the ability to set rally points and share intelligence.

    What are Rally Points?
    Rally points for units is a great feature once one has a larger empire. Once produced, the units will automatically set off for the predetermined destination (rally point) you set.

    What Happens if I take over a Capital?
    You lower the morale in all of their provinces while increasing your own and get half their cash. This process can be repeated.

    The Attack Options are Missing?
    For info on this click the below link;

    Missing Attack options

    How do I get Blueprints?
    You can get Blueprints by capturing Supply Drops.

    Supply drops are crates and will either have blueprints or resources.

    They will drop in neutral or enemy provinces and you have to conquer the province in a certain amount of time to secure the crate.

    On a Leprechán Note:
    A Crate/Supply Drop fell on my Allies land?

    This can be down to two reasons;
    • It fell on your allies land before you were diplomatic alliances.
    • The current pesky little bug that the dev team will defeat as soon as possible (yes a troublesome fellow who can play hide and seek with the best).
    I Cannot land my Tac bomber on my Carrier?
    Aircraft carriers can accommodate naval bombers, fighters and tactical bombers (lvl 4+).

    Help, my Units are been killed by Ghost Units in Enemy Province!!
    Forts that are level 3.5 or higher will hide troop numbers/strength from opposing players. If during the course of combat you damage the fort so that it is at least level 3,5 the number of troops stationed there will be revealed. But until then it will hide enemy units with a "?" similar to ghost units, but unlike ghost units these units will damage your units.

    Can Rockets and Nuclear Bombers land/be used from Carriers?

    Can I use my Allies Carriers to land Air Units and Use Them?

    Can Rockets Get Shot Down?
    Yes. Level 1 rockets can get shot down by the enemy. But rocket levels 2 - 4 cannot be shot down.

    A Ghost Unit in an Enemy Province is killing my Units?
    Ok so we all know Ghosts can’t kill (unless you watch a Horror). When this happens check your Enemy fort. If it is level 3.5 it will hide the enemy forces and display a"?"

    Why Can I not Build More than One Capital?
    A county only has ONE capital, you can build it in any province you want but you only have one.

    How Can I increase my Gold Production?
    You cannot increase Gold production. You can only Purchase ducats from the Bytro Shop, Earn Gold or Win Gold. Gold is the games Premium Currency and get added to your war chest when purchased, earned or won to use in your different CoW maps.

    I Get a Message saying "Server state differs from client" What does this Mean?
    If you try to attack/move something that doesn't exist, it will go "Server state differs from client". This is because the server state differed from the client (aka the map is different to what actually is there).

    Zooming out, a partial refresh, or a full reload should all fix this issue.

    How do I win a round?
    This is simple you need to meet the requited Victory Points (VP) for that map to win a Round

    What are Victory Points (VP)?
    VP are required to win a game. Depending on the map, the VP goal is different. Provinces have different amounts of VP. To find the amount you need open the World herald and look at the Index of Nations box;

    How is VP in the World Herald Calculated?
    This is complicated but I believe it is the same as other Bytro Games (click below link to open)

    CoW Calculation of VP

    Can a Coalition win a Round?
    No. A Coalition can’t win a round even if they have a combined score that meets/ exceeds the VP target.

    On a Leprechán Note:

    Remember the Coaltion FAQ thread (click below);
    Some Coalition FAQs

    How do I know who is active and who is Not?
    You can check by going to Diplomacy. Under the "Active Player". The check marks mean active, the O means inactive and the X means AI/NPC (meaning there was/is no player). When a player becomes inactive, they are controlled by AI until their return.

    Can I delete my Game(s)?
    NO. You can’t delete a game. If you are done with a game you send it to your Game Archive and eventually it will disappear. On the main screen, find the game you want to Archive.

    Press the 'i' button on the game tile/window and there is an option to “Send to Archive”. It will take some time but will eventually disappear from the list.

    On a Leprechán Note: If you are leaving a game I recommend sending a PM to the Game Admin/Game Host to remove in actives when they become inactive as it will help the game drop from your archive faster.

    Player has Medium Tank on Day 1?
    This means that the player is a new player and is playing this game as a Tutorial game. In the Tutorial you play your first map the game gives you medium tank to start with.

    When I research higher levels will my Units Increase?
    Yes. When you increase your unit research your current units should increase in level.

    What protection does a city garrison get from a Fortress?
    The troops take reduced damage in every hour of battle, depending on the level of your Fortress. The level 3.5 fortress will also hide the garrison from view of other nations ... only a spy can reveal what you have in your level 3.5 fortresses

    Is there any Sound/Music in the Game?
    No but feel free to listen to whatever you like :D

    I Cannot Build a Reactor although I have it Researched?
    To build a reactor you need to research it to level 2.

    Can I change my Username?
    Yes. provided you contact a member of the EN support team via PM or make a support ticket with a few new name choices that do not break our game rules which can be found in the “Terms of Use” forum section

    Is there an App for Call of War?
    Simple answer, YES. Call of War is playable on mobile devices via mobile web or app from Google play or the other supported app stores.


    To declare War you will need to go to the "DIPLOMACY TAB" and select your Lucky Opponent then change your status to "War" from the selection drop down)

    [Blocked Image:]

    Most attacks happen automatically If your army meets the Enemy or when your reach and enter the main city of an enemy province.

    It is important to remember that if you move your army through another nation you need either RIGHT OF WAY or SHARED MAP and/or for the Admiralty SHARED INTEL if you do not have this then you will effectively declare war on the AI nation if your troops reach the main city or if a player sees your actions as hostile.

    To warn you that you do not have the right to move your army through other lands you will get this pop up warning;

    If you want to attack the other player ignore the pop up and move your units and fights will begin once you reach the other army.

    If while on your travels outside your homeland and you meet hostile forces then they will fight the hostile army and if your forces win what’s left of your forces will march onwards to the original destination.

    On a Leprechán Note:
    In your map it is possible that other players have chosen the same enemy target as you (I know great minds think alike). So if another player captures a province before you, YOUR
    units will continue their advancement and attack the city and so declare an undeclared war on the other player (if you were not at war)

    To avoid this I recommend you do not attack the city itself with your original orders. Instead target the enemy garrison within the city. To do this is simple select the army in the city as your primary objective and if these units are hidden with a “?” then target the flag that flies over the city.

    Although this is possible it usually doesn't differ in the result (e.g. the province is taken even if you just attack the unit). To directly attack a unit you'll have to click on attack (in the unit command pop up and then on the unit (it is highlighted when you mouse over it).) As if you give the attack command with the drag-and-drop action "you don't really see the highlighting."

    When do Battles Complete?
    Battle results are updated hourly. Bombers/Interceptors: Per Run. In Patrol mode, four times an hour for Fighters/Bombers/Naval units(At % strength). For Rockets, when they hit.

    Battle stats/results are announced in the World Herald like this;

    Leprechán FUN Fact:
    In the in game newspaper the “World Herald” you can often see that Units were "LOST"

    These are NOT Bugged Reports and they are NOT mistakes. The lost message in the newspaper is always referring to a unit which was lost in battle with a different nation. They are just summarized in that article.

    What is the Difference Between a Ranked Game and Unranked Game?
    A ranked game is game that will pay out Gold at the end of a round and will contribute to your overall rank both militarily and economic. A unranked game will not.

    On a Leprechán Note:
    Battle results will also fall to the will of the X-Factor (not the competition). Click Below Link for more info;

    X Factor

    Any more questions ALWAYS feel free to post in the Questions and Answers Section of the forum. There the community both players and support will help you and you can find other questions folk have asked (who knows your question may have already been answered).

    Also check out the Official Game Manual and the vey helpful manual created by CzarHellios;
    Call of War Manual
    Basic Manual, Statistics, Strategy, Tactics, Operations Officers Handbook

    I hope this will start to help you on your quests to victory
    Dr. Leipreachán
    Community Support

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