Current AI is Unrealistic and Outdated

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    • Current AI is Unrealistic and Outdated

      Ok I think we can all agree that AI in this game is unrealistic. For example, how can you have a whole army made up of tanks, when you have negative oil production?? The AI should follow the same rules and regulations that we do.

      Also, I think its a little weird how AI ALWAYS produces infantry anti air and anti tank. Like why tho?? It gets a little boring when its always the same fight with AI. They need to produce a variety of things. Realistically, if you were the AI you wouldn't just stick with infantry anti air and anti tank the entire war. It just doesn't make sense. Different places should make different things and a different times. They never have an air force, so you can always just bomb them, with weak opposition. They should be able to produce different things, but remain in their resource boundaries. They should even be able to make atomic bombers, and RR guns, and Nukes.

      Thirdly they should also be able to start a war. For example, if there is too much fighting on their border, they will choose a side, and start fighting.

      I hope this complicated mess could actually be implemented :)