Announcement Peaceperiods, Fire Control and more!

    • Peaceperiods, Fire Control and more!

      Dear generals,

      we received our monthly report from the battlefield. It’s stating that there has been a lot of confusion with attacks during peace period. But no worries, we made adjustments that will let you easily see whether or not you can attack your enemies.
      • The attack button is back in games during peace period and also shows an icon next to the mouse, which indicates if you are allowed to attack your target or not.
      • Anonymous rounds are now correctly marked as gold feature.
      • The fire control icon changes now according to the setting you picked. (Premium Feature)
      • Our new full screen button was shy during its first week and was hiding when you expanded the ingame menu. We gave it more confidence!
      • We brought back the espionage icon for the tutorial.
      • The game tried to be nice to our market and always left one resource in stock. Not anymore!
      • The area in which an airplane is able to change their mission without having to refuel is now highlighted in green. You are also able to see the way your airplane takes if it has to fly back.
        The button to cancel the current research was misplaced.
      • The unit type labels are shown again on the map.

      Also don’t forget our speech bubble contest, which is still going on until thursday.

      [*]Participate here!

      Hope you guys like the latest improvements.

      Your Call of War Team
      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager