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      Ok, so just recently I tried playing call of war on my phone, and it was SOOO unuser friendly. There was literally 1/2 an inch to see the map, The resource bar, and the army/province description bar took up the rest of the space. When I went to the newspaper the articles were fine, everything was crammed together and overlapped in giant font sizes taking up the whole screen. When I went to check my messages, I could not see them because the country selection bar, the typing bar, and the title of the person I was talking to took up all of the space, I could not see what was being said by the other side, I could only type messages.

      I think that everything needs to be put to scale with the size of the screen. Otherwise there is no space to do anything, I don't need 1.5 inches off my screen to tell me my resources. I only need 1/3 of an inch, and my other thing needs to be smaller to that takes up half the screen I only need 3/4 of an inch for that. I need to be able to see the map at all times!!!! :wallbash I dont need half my screen taken up by the names of different countries, and I need space to work. Just look at it on mobile. EVERYTHING is crammed!! It was so frustrating! :wallbash

      Resize/position everything. It is so bad right now :wallbash :wallbash :wallbash