How does your population size affect your food comspumption?

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    • How does your population size affect your food comspumption?

      I am running short on foodstuffs as of late. I notice that my available manpower has grown large, about 200,000. Will reducing my population decrease the amount of food it needs per day? I have taken other measures like cutting back on infantry, deactivating barracks, using militia instead of infantry, etc.
    • Province food consumption is the province population divided by 10000. Each prov has it's own pop values and they don't change. You can't reduce it unless you lose a prov. Manpower is different than population and food consumption doesn't depend on how much MP you have. Using militia isn't a bad idea. Keeping morale high in food producing provs will increase food production.
    • Do what you can to maximize your food production and morale. I'm assuming you have lvl 5 IC's with lvl 3 Infrastructures and lvl 3 Naval base if possible yea? and the morale of all your food provinces stays at 100% no matter what?

      You disable your barracks when not needed as you have plenty of manpower now. If all of that is done and you are still having food issues then you have some options. Place resource sabotage spies in your enemies high food resources, they can steal plenty of food for you sometimes. Send some of your higher food consumption units into battle, sometimes you will need to sacrifice the few to feed the many.

      If you expand too quickly the amount of land that you own can consume more food than you can produce. Do not over expand before your infrastructure can support it. Big mistake I see a lot of new players make. If you are constantly pumping out units and not upgrading your infrastructure this will happen to you.
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