Wolfpacking, Multi Accounts, Cheating, Resource Dumping etc...

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  • Wolfpacking, Multi Accounts, Cheating, Resource Dumping etc...

    Finally joined the forums after just getting fed up with people rigging up games. I'm currently on two world maps. The one is winding down and for the most part it two or three on eight. We few fought the eight very tough and what ended up happening is they started dropping off the map after getting frustrated. Just when we started getting the upper hand the game admin was "talked into" (his words not mine) kicking the inactives so the second place player could invite his friends in. One from his old alliance that he was the leader of, the second player from his current alliance. Both of them took the spots of the guys who we tired out enough to quit.

    I actually feel bad for the game admin because he was bullied into it. I know the guy from my old alliance that talked him into it and its completely his MO. I'm reporting the game host because rules are rules, but hate the fact that he might be the one or at least only one to take the fall because I smoked my old Alliance Leader the way I did even though he DID have help. On this one the rules are clear.

    On the new map I'm on its a little more complicated. The Alliance NOCTA (Northern oceans...) has been rigging this map up around the system. I didn't know notice until about day 7 or so that the entire alliance was on the map. Playing as BC I had an alliance with Quebec (from Nocta). I also had shared maps with Colorado (NOCTA) also and NWUSA. Now Colorado was in an alliance with Kentucky and NE... they moved in the middle of them and all three of the players mentioned above wiped them out. What I had forgotten was that I had spies still in the towns so I started to get trade information on the two Nocta guys. Three other Nocta guys had either been quit or wiped out and the amount of one sided trades (38 to one, 26 to the other) were absolutely insane. Quebec alone got 144,000 in free rares in week one. 177,000 in oil. Colorado 500,000 in cash and that's just in those categories. I can give totals if you need them. Quebec gave up a total of 4 food. Colorado 5006 food (only because whoever sent them must have forgot on one trade that default is 5,000 food. The trades don't match either so they aren't with each other.

    It doesnt stop there. They then dumped thier relations with me and started another alliance. When they were called out on it in the paper... they said they had successfully worked the coalition system and that giving resources away is perfectly legal. HOW IS THAT THAT LEGAL? We have a large coiner on the map who is ticked that he had to pay for resources and these guys have thier friends join for 5 days play up a map and then quit so give the resources back. Im not even sure they aren't multiple accounts. Colorado's name is VG45 and Columbia who quit is VG44. Both are moderator positions in the NOCTA alliance.

    Any advice? Im getting tired of running into the the shady stuff. I get coining and even though it drives me nuts I get handicapping newer players and it keeps the game going but this is ridiculous. Is there a spot where someone who can play can get a CLEAN game?
  • This guy just gave half his French cities to Spain, after having them all produce 1 unit of tank destroyer each, then sent the French units outside the cities setting up a defensive perimeter while he occupied the rest. If this is what the game is about, now, most paying customers will walk away like I am thinking about doing. (#1,661,996)
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