100 player maps unsustainable food? Help! Population eating all of it

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    • 100 player maps unsustainable food? Help! Population eating all of it

      Im having issues with the 100 player map where i found that my largest problem is the population that i am annexing into my territories, i cannot sustain all of them with low morale as i invade other areas.
      The green territory belongs to me:

      How do i reduce my population? Do i have to nuke my own provinces? lol
      I think i will have to introduce mass killing :/ to stop people from consuming this much food.

      I have bombarded pretty much
      almost every province that i
      captured, i would probably have
      killed off half the planets population through howitzer bombardment lol.

      Except that isnt the case, its like people are multiplying under my rule.

      Im not sure what to do.

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    • Have you been building Industrial Complexes, Infrastructure, and Naval Bases (when you can) to the max in your food provinces? It will help production

      Also, if you are having morale problems, building fortifications will help increase morale and at the same time can indirectly help your resource production (hence helping your food problem)

      If that hasn't worked, then possibly you have too big of an army and you need to kill some it off.
    • Make sure that all of your barracks are disabled if you are not producing units and you have plenty of manpower. Check to make sure that even the damaged lvl2 and 3 barracks are as well. A damaged lvl1 will already be disabled but not 2's and 3's.

      Tally up a complete list of all of your units and send as much of your infantry and daily food based units into battle first to help thin out the need for food. If you have plenty of oil resources then build those until your food gets back into check.

      Make sure you have lvl 5 IC's with lvl 3 Infrastructures and lvl 3 Naval bases (if possible) on ALL food resources provinces and then fortify them as high as you need to so that no matter what their morale will stay as high as possible.

      These things should help keep your food in check. You can't expand too quickly, keep producing units and not beef up your infrastructure. You will slowly starve that way.
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    • ive done all of the above mentioned steps.
      These are the first steps im taking.

      But it still doesnt help, the problem is when you capture a huge amount of land in a short period, the moral would be too low. And population would still need the full amount of food that same province produces.

      When the morale is at 25% on capture, the amount produced falls from standard 700 to like ... 300, and unfortunately, there are too many empty provinces that have population in them, that produce no resources.

      so capturing emtpy provinces for me is a huge problem.

      and a race against time :/

      plus being at war with 5 countries doesnt help :c
    • Almost no one knows, not even people who play this game for a long time..
      Here i some info

      Undertand one thing, if you build up a province, population in that province that you have build up will rise dramatically.
      If you build, make sure you max out food provinces. Roads and IC´s Also make sure to build forts. Forts actuall make a province produce more resources then roads and ics combined if the distance between capital and provinces is huge. 10% extra morale makes way mopre difference, that also is something to keep in mind. If you build up and max out provinces in resources you actually do not need, yeah the suprplus is nice, but why? you wont be able to sell it at that stage, and it will make that province consume lots and lots more then nesasary.

      Make sure morale is as high as possible, meaning do not be at war, or be at war with max 1 player. (even at war with 1 player will affect morale drastically) capture capitals to get a 10% morale boost for all provinces, if you did not save some little island capitols then you played wrong.

      Sooooo if you, like mentioned before have a 25-30% morale province, have lots of pop in it, and then build it up and making the pop even higher but still on a very low morale? think of instead of making roads and ics first? make forts instead. 5 days to get to lvl5 forts. by the time your done that province will have had a morale bonus from those forts in that duration and be high enough to counter most of the food loss, after thatmax it out, by the time you maxed it out you will have maximum morale acording to distance to capital. (which is on the longest possible distance around 50% if you are not at war without forts, with forts its about 65%)

      and ofcourse, proritise your cores and non core double income provinces.

      and dont build up metal provinces to get the metal you need for forts! the pop will rise so much that it will be useless in the end.
    • My total population is 1 Billion and 400 Million, if my maths does not fail me.
      I found that there is almost no point at all to capture empty provinces, ones with no resources and just population in them, with 0 victory points.

      I want to expand, out of necessity, but even if i did, my core provinces do not produce enough food, and any provinces i capture wont produce enough food to sustain themselves because morale is low.

      taking only 25% resources from captured territory ... and controlling large territory even when not at war, still reduces morale globally over time, it does not increase, so i suffer from rebellions, unless forcibly, i have to invade other countries and capture their capitals asap to give my provinces a morale boost.

      I dont see why the game at a late stage would want to force me to attack other capitals in a race of time to keep my overall morale high to sustain everything. Its like the game Forces you to remain in your little territory and extend the game as much as possible, unless you have gold to pump in your economy.

      I dont understand why many provinces have 0 victory points in them, why would i bother capturing a Province that has 0 victory points and only more mouths to feed ?(

      I had to capture Ai capital 3 - 5 times to increase my morale and set my food production back to +50 for a brief period, untill next day, when it drops down to -300 :(

      One would think realistically, that after controlling this much territory, that at the very least, resources would quadruple. but, NOPE.

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    • ehm realistically? no. this is very realistic, what do you think happened oall over the whole world when ww1 and later on ww2 where happening? no. the system is accurate. Its your playing style that needs to change. I already explained the biggest ways of creating more incoming and reducing expense. I mean I do sometimes find myself in that situation as well, but almost never. Did you start construction on forts? to lvl5 on all core and double foo? and after that according to current highest income vs morale seeable in the province screen? Have you placed your capitol in the center of your empire, yet a bit offset so it is a bit closer to your cores? mass produce forts and after a week or so your food will be positive income.
    • I see the exact same problem with the global map, where I am #1 by 300 points. It is just too large for the way morale is calculated, you will be destine for morale declines as you expand. I have been building food production factory and infrastructure, but so far this has not changed the negative food production. I have been moving around my capitol to increase morale where it drops too low. I am at war with no one. It is a situation that has me wonder why I spend my time and money playing this game. I am starting to build the fortifications to see what this does for food production and increase morale.

      IMO so much of this are poor game concepts - why would fortifications increase morale????
      jobs, employment, no war in your provence all should be more of an increase in morale than fortifications and distance to the capitol.
    • Dick Boba wrote:

      Geez all these war-mongering wanna-be world dictators seem to think the world's just gonna immediatly tap dance to your music? LOL! You gotta work at your expansions carefully. You have to build strategy for feeding and fueling and adequately armed forces that will include naval, air, artillery, anti-air and then strike like lightning so your campaigns are not so drawn out. You have to keep up with your research so that your forces are the strongest once they take over a province, so as not to succumb to local dissatisfaction and revolt. If you expand your territory so fast, and try to maintain it all with level one or two operatives, there's no way the population is going to keep up with the needed production. The strategy that seems to work best is, attack, conquer quickly, rest, rebuild, research, re-man, re-arm, restock, move on. Stretch out your borders slowly, it's like when you eat too much in real life, your pants don't fit anymore so you have buy new pants. These are basic strategic military concepts, this "burn the jungle" mentality never works, didn't you learn that in the last four real USA wars? (Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afganistan) what is the prize? What have you gained? You control a crapload of territory but is the populace really on your side? What the hell you think this is a game? (ROFL!!!!)
      good explanation, i like it...
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    • Peace is also a necessity!

      A little story if you wish to read:

      I just completed, or rather stepped down from a 100-player map. I was at war with 4 countries, had a large army of over 400 units which obviously ate alot of food.

      Anyways, while at war with 4 countries, food production was positive, approx +1,000 per hour. After 2 other countries declared war on me, food production dropped to approx +200 per hour. Before completely destroying any countries, the final coalition declared war on me, adding in another 4 countries against me. Food production with 10 warring countries decreased morale to the point of -975 food per hour.

      So Peace, is a necessity to ample food production.
    • I am at war with 3 countries,and have as much of my food producing provinces upgraded as I can afford,and still maintain Some sort of defense.
      Revolts in other countries has added several provinces every day for 3 weeks.Of the 8 countries left playing,I was 1 of 2 with a +X food production.
      Was.With the continued addition of provinces by revolt,my food production has gone from +200/hr to -900/hr and climbing.Even continuing to improve food producing provinces fails to help.And there is NO way to stop these revolting provinces from joining me and Adding to the amount needed. :(
      It's a giant f'ing snowball.it's also BS. So,I quit improving crap that don't do anything to help.Let 'em starve.It's a broken mechanic that the devs haven't fixed,and likely Won't fix.
      it ain't fun no more.I get needing stuff to keep stuff going,but this ....damn dude.
      and the 'destroy everything when land changes hands' thing ?? w.t.f. it ain't worth fixing.
      too much hassle,not enough 'fun'.
      :00000441: I am,I'm me.
    • Provinces revolting to join you is not a problem I contemplated. Something to consider is to not invade neutrals, and let provinces you don't want to keep when invading player territories, revolt to the neutral. Deal with AI neutrals at the end of the game when you can determine final points needed.
      Food for thought.
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