submarines, Submerge mode and surface modes / Stats

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    • submarines, Submerge mode and surface modes / Stats

      Someone recently made a point and argued that submarines have a Anti aircraft defence stat against naval bombers,
      his point was that submarines should not have a AA stat because they were basically submerged underwater almost always.

      I agree with this gentleman's post, you can find it here ->( submarines should not have air defense ) <- click this

      Uboats back in ww2 were armed with 1, or 2 auxiliary AA guns on the deck, as well as a ship to ship 8cm cannon ( i think ), uboats would usually cruise / sail the sea while surfaced using normal cruise speed diesel engines. This
      allows it to reach its destination at full speed.

      However, when the Uboat enters contested waters, or a dangerous area, or spots hostile convoy / ship / plane, it would submerse itself to periscope depth, or even deeper to avoid depth charges. On behest of the ship captain, his choice wether to engage the hostile targets or not, it would have to do it while surfaced.

      However, when a uboat enters periscope depth, its speed is reduced drastically as electric / battery driven engines are switched on to cruise through the water silently and undetected.
      It is then that the uboat strikes as it launches its Torpedoes against unsuspecting ships.

      What if submarines in call of war had a manual button to submerge and surface, on surface they would move at full speed, while submerged, they would move at half speed.

      As for Naval bombers, the submersible would surely be destroyed underwater ( as it drops depth charges ) if it does not surface to shoot back at it. The submarine would have a AA stat of 0 while submerged, however it will still have its sub attack modifier.

      The AA stat will only be available if the submarine is surfaced when the surface toggle is switched, ( near the forced march button ).

      This could make the game complicated to some, but i think this would add spice to the game, as well as answer the AA question where i suggested that Anti air should have a range. And solve the mystery of submarines being able to shoot at airplanes from underwater.

      Submerged submarines could still attack other ships, but they would do so at a slower speed. I think this could balance out the submarine. I was hoping this game would have trade routes at some point, where trade could be set up between provinces to increase cash or resource production, and if a enemy sub was in this trade route, it would cause serious damage to trade economy, but thats a far away idea that i doubt bytro would implement.

      thanks for reading, tell me what you think!

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