The race for technology.

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    • The race for technology.

      Once in awhile we set out on military expeditions to secure supplies and resources, which have been dropped by the headquarter. Each time this happens our forces grow stronger, as new technologies give us an advantage in this tough war. Thankfully our hard working research team was now able to increase the blueprint output rate and lower the research effort. This is our chance!

      Following changes and improvements have been made:

      - We increased the chance of blueprints to drop (from 50% to 60%) and also elite units will be available earlier in the game (most units about 4 days earlier). Please keep in mind that your ally is able to conquer a province where your crate is dropping and that you can't collect it anymore if he get's it before you get there. So you better be quick!

      - Airplanes disappeared after grouping several airplane carriers together, this will not happen anymore.

      - Defending units were scared when the city was attacked and walked past their enemies, we boosted their confidence. From now on they will fight for their city. This means another fix for a case of the ‘units passing through each other’ bug

      Additionally we fixed several layout issues and improved the following things for mobile devices:

      - The chat is working again. Happy chatting!

      - Usability and visual improvements have been made.

      Feel free to give us some feedback about the latest changes and improvements. BUT BE CAREFUL. Something might be waiting for you in the darkness.

      Your Call of War Team

      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager
    • Things in the dark? ARE WE GETTING A WHEEL OF FORTUNE?!
      "If the tanks succeed, then victory follows."- H.Guderian

      "Hit first ! Hit hard ! Keep on hitting ! ! (The 3 H's)" Admiral Jackie Fisher

      "The 3 Requisites for Success – Ruthless, Relentless, Remorseless(The 3 R's)" Admiral Fisher

      Crates: a Term used to define any unwanted and unneeded feature in CoW

      Game Username: LordStark01
    • :( ::Logs on, sees picture of plane::

      nice, transport planes and paratroopers finally! sure the title is even "technology"

      reads on... beautiful crates.......

      If Socialists understood Economics, they wouldn't be socialists
      -Friedrich von Haye

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    • DxC wrote:

      If I wanted to chase after random objects appearing I could play pokeman.
      Roger that.

      Don't forget the Space Invaders mother ship zipping across the top of your screen, but at least that made sense in the context of the video game, which is more than I can say for "crates," "blueprints" and "elite units."

      As I have said before, if my air force repeatedly dropped the plans for our country's new super-secret "elite" battleship into a neighboring country, I would start by having the responsible air force generals shot, and proceed down the chain of command to the pilots and the freight handlers who flew the mission.

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    • MontanaBB wrote:

      freezy wrote:

      Maybe if you collect all your crates and unlock everything you will get paratroopers one day :P
      Maybe if Bytro gave its consumers what they wanted, the company would make more money. : p
      Dam right, been waiting for ever for paratroopers... and we got boxes of wood falling from the skies instead of paratroopers.....

      If Socialists understood Economics, they wouldn't be socialists
      -Friedrich von Haye

    • I can't remember that we ever announced paratroopers. Your postings in most threads suggest otherwise. Though you can of course wait on a hypothetical thing.

      For now we have nothing to announce in this regard and even if we want to develop them it is probably not possible in the next few months. Maybe some time in the future, we will see.