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  • Alberto21 -

    Hola estaba jugando a tres partidas, incluso comprando oro y me expulso por inactividad? cuando yo estaba conectado las partidas son: 3099821, 3099833, 3102253, alguna solucion que estoy en guerra y evidentemente no quiero perder mi dinero real.

  • Srdrake -

    Hola estoy teniendo problemas con el administrador de la perrita está usando la colación de nuevos jugadores a su favor que puedo hacer??

  • vallutajat -

    did the game graphic changed or why it turn so bad, everything is so messed up? research and market are down now, before it was up, can't see my buildings and army production from right side corner anymore all together like it was before? Or did I mixed up myselfe somehow?

  • obsidian_order -

    im trying to find my original account under this name Of Obsidian_Order. But somehow i have this new account.every time i log in I get this new account. Have a game running in the old account and desparetly need to get back to it

  • TheMaquis -

    I looked all over on where to post a bug report - just finished my first research ever of paratroopers, and when I wake up this morning I find the research complete and a bunch of my existing units - tanks, anti-air, - got converted to a paratrooper glider with a circle range like air planes but I have no way to control them, they do not move. Some of my other units are frozen in place. Right at a critical invasion of my main enemy. Help

    • TheMaquis -

      found bug report button, but for a major problem to a game sure does not make me want to spend my money on gold for the game. Used 30k gold on this game that froze and now really do not think it is worth it.

    • TheMaquis -

      and this bug has caused 100% of my unit not to be able to leave shore to invade at all

    • TheMaquis -

      I also see 1 other player with this problem where units out to sea appear as the paratrooper plane symbol

  • MapDaer -

    Hello, I've been 4 hours trying to get some help but everyone told me to come to forum but no one told me who I ask to help me, so I found this account, I lost my account, I was playing in one of my rounds and suddenly it logged out and I can't log in now, it says my account doesn't exist lolz, help me, if I were someone else I'd could be raging and ect... Please, no moderator of support section wanna help me, my ticket haven't been checked out yet lol. I'm Hispanic btw

  • Spetsnaz_ -

    An email containing the 9-digit activation code has been sent to “”. I never received this email, so can't login to the forum, please help.

  • Rocksaez87 -

    Bonjour j'ai un souci de bannissement.
    Je me suis connecté chez un ami par erreur.
    Pouvez vous m'aider ?
    Ou puis-je me renseigner ?

  • al1 -

    bonjour la partie 2,230,273 ne fonctionne pas bien je suis le seul joueur qui reste il y a t'il moyen de terminé cette parti pour que je puisse avoir la victoire et pouvoir passé a une autres parti svp merci beaucoup

  • Regolo. -

    Good afternoon,
    I'm an 45 years old, military serving Italian Army and I am an user of your game Call of War.
    I’d like to show the situation in which I had to compare on the game server in Italy.
    In particular in the game number 2.483.687, I play with the user name Regolo. (Northern Urals)
    Just few days ago I reported to your IT game operators some behaviors, greatly offensive, by some players (especially Sasa Cigo - Iraq) brought against the undersigned and also consisting of serious personal offenses.
    To my grievances, sent on line, your referent Pretoriano Nero reported that measures had already been taken, but offensive chats were still on the world Herald (right now too).
    At the moment, no measures were taken except for deleting all my private messages and all my article on the journal.
    In my position feeling like calling, before all, a “little man” by a stranger it is not a good thing!
    I think this is not the way to operate, since being put in the pillory and publicly and freely offended by another player I think you deserve a more exemplary punishment, also because, having contributed strongly to your game, with the purchase of game packages for many euros, I feel unprotected by your control system.
    This is not the first time that such a things happen so I would not like, as typical of our national character, that I contrast hard, there was a kind of mob involving some players and your representatives.
    In fact, Pretoriano Nero player's logo is identical to that of the X Mas Alliance, which is also part of it, indeed it is its leader.
    In the game number 2.483.687 there are actually players who are part of this alliance.
    The doubt about the morality and integrity of your game operator therefore arises strongly.
    I think that a game operator would not be a player too.
    As for the above, I invite you to clarify this last aspect, also because, as things stand, it will be difficult for me to continue to support you financially with my purchases.
    In order to this and perhaps a confirmation of the fact that on the Italian server the situation quite bad due to questionable people could also be given by the fact that I repeatedly asked to join the game operators, offering my experience, my professionality and my impartiality, but I have never received an answer.
    I am your beck and call if you need my cooperation in the game IT server for respect and fair play.
    Waiting for your kind reply I Thank you very much for your attention.
    Best regards.

    • Nopnop -

      I got somewhat the same problem.. A game moderator occupying 16 games.. Defeating ppl by putting his own alliance members in other ppls coalition for spying purposes.. Building he's country strong enough (but not to strong so it won't show up on the newspaper) to defeat everyone at the end.. Take the gold and go to next map... Why spend money on this game if it's a monopoly for moderators...

  • John A. Badalati -

    How do I re-enter front line Pioneers

  • jaycee32629 -

    did I miss something? where is the ability to start a new 100 player call of war Map?

  • Quasi-duck -

    Hey, I'm a noob with a problem. Can you fix it for me?

  • Buchannan50 -

    Tried to join game #2367906, Clash of Nations, after winning my first game. I get the message "unknown error #49" which does not allow me to join. What do I do ? Thanks for the help.

  • ow123546 -

    hello can you help me ? i connect to the game and i cant join in because I was blocked for this game please help me :(

  • John A. Badalati -

    Hello, I am wondering why my game for the front line pioneers is not working, they are the Ultimate war ones and I can't seem to access them

  • Qumlage -

    allo, i cant seem to receive confirmation email. its spelt right tried a couple of times, checked spam but it not there

  • Azilun -

    Hallo, brauche hilfe...bin neu und wollte im Hilfe Chat eine Frage stellen..lese aber das ich dauerhaft gesperrt bin..wie das? das wäre meine erste benutzung des Chats

  • OminousSun47 -

    can you help me i haven't recieeved a conformation email yet.

  • bruno181979 -

    Bonjour, pourquoi je suis de la partie 2 208 675????????????
    Plus de 10 jours de jeu et banni pour triche ???????Cordialement

  • Jumper14 -

    I tried to sign in with my email but I didn't receive a confirmation email.

  • RaresCatalin -

    Cum pot gasi romani care joaca acest joc?

  • keithalan -

    can someone tell me what happened to my previous rank and the 36,321 gold i had collected. thanks

  • reicheagle1942 -

    I have played this game for awhile & i notice some obvious errors that should be fixed..They are minor but it would i beleive help the game..
    The first thing is the cost to build mobile & mechanized infantry..Not there actual cost,but the cost to run the run a lvl 3 barracks is about 50 food per hour,this is EXTREMELY cost prohibitive..If you do that for four barracks (to produce 4 mechanized units)you have 200 extra food output per hour..that amount usually puts most players in the negative for food..I can build 10 or more tanks units much cheaper,which is not very historically acurate..My solution to this would be to make all infantry a lvl 1 barracks & just up the factory or infastructure requirements..
    My second thought is this..infantry need barracks,navy units need shipyards,airforce need airports,armored units need NOTHING..Maybe they should have special barrack for Armor

  • cantarranas -


  • JEF -


  • dgm12 -


  • schmuser1 -

    Spiel und Spiele sinn.
    Menschen haben das Bedürfnis zu Gewinnen.
    Menschen spielen als Zeit vertreib. Um Freude am spiel zu haben. Um eine Belohnung zu bekommen. Um Menschen in diesem Spiel zu halten könnte man ja eine Tägliche Gold Belohnung von 10 Gold pro Tag ausschütten bei Auslöschung, ist der Frust nicht so groß. 20 Tage spielen und verlieren ergibt 200 Gold Tägliche Einblendung. "Du hast dir einen Tages Bonus von 10, 20,...bei Spiel Sieg oder Niederlage verdient. Viele Frustrierte kehren Call of War den Rücken.
    Vergleich von erfolgreichen Spiele man kann kaufen oder erhält mini Belohnung pro Zeit Aufwand.
    Zeit Spieler sind so wichtig wie die Geld Spieler.
    Geld ist natürlich wichtig um Hard und Soft -ware am laufen zu halten.
    Spiele Entwickler solten immer der frage nach gehen wie kann ich Freude bei sieg oder Niederlage bereiten?

  • dr.richtofen935 -

    hey, I have a question,were are all the Moderators? I see that ood deeds are goin around, players are helping each other. And sorry no I can do the MoD job yet, but I don't knowif this is a test or not on seeing if we do better without them/ play the game better). just wondering what happened to them?

  • kami khaz -

    je peux pas participer au jeux