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  • GeneralASWalter -

    Is this the highest role in Forum ot i it that ofAcorian or Dr Leprachiaun.

  • Pablocamper -

    Seria bueno que argentina empesara con 8 o 7 provincias urbanas ya que era mejor que peru en economia pero peor que brasil

  • imperador dn -

    OI queria saber como eu faço para conseguir um mapa de ROLEPLAY ?

  • MiloK32 -

    aight i gotta unfollow

  • Gral. Kayn -

    Hola gente , consulta de que manera se puede uno informar o que hacer sobre la situación puntual de una partida que ah llevado a la expulsión de nuestro grupo ... no encuentro ningún canal directo a los Administradores del Juego. GRACIAS

  • IronKnight -

    Am fan of yuo :D

  • adelosio -

    Hola,tengo una pregunta, exactamente como debería hacer para ser moderador de el foro?me gustaría apoyar a el foro y fomentar el crecimiento de sugerencias sobre todo, gracias.

  • Fartattack -

    I currently have one battleship bobarding my 5 subs. I thought subs where suppossed to be undetectible to battleships alone. This is a crime. I sneak in for an attack and get drained of life before I get there.

  • halkham -

    I feel the refueling time for planes on carriers should decrease as the ship's levels increase. Much like capacity and speed improvements. Thoughts?

  • Colv -

    so, finally do somthing good after all, haha it was a time

  • soselo77 -

    Help please!
    Non si apre il gioco, ecco , carica , carica e non si apre da ieri!
    A chi dovremmo rivogersi?

  • HeinGuderian2 -

    Necesito ayuda. Duplicidad de juego y de personaje en version alfha y beta del juego. En beta me pidieron correo y por error puse el de alfha. El juego es el mismo. No me aparecen ni las partidas de beta ni el personaje de esta. He pedido la anulacion de la cuenta de alfha.

  • wedrowiec72 -

    Super bajka ta nowa aktualizacja chyba stracicie sporo uzytkowników bo nie można na gre wejśc ino tak dalej

  • GrandEmpire -

    This is a call to Bytro Labs.

    This is an appeal, a desperate attempt to revive Canvas and with it save Call of War.

    I ask you, i beg of you, to stand with us, against the update and bring canvas back. Save this game, save canvas, #BringCanvasBack!!

    Together we can​

    • MiloK32 -

      #KeepWebGL, save call of war! that was actually no joke

    • GoldSpam -

      Nah. Let it die.



    • MiloK32 -

      this guy does NOTHING!

  • jefin b -

    Hello king of Call of war.

    • MiloK32 -

      haha 8k profile hits

    • MiloK32 -

      82 followers lol

  • Thol -

    wenn ich einen Verbesserungsvorschlag zum Spiel habe, an wen kann ich mich damit wenden?

  • GrandEmpire -

    Why you no post? Come on i want to see this profile complain about CoW

  • whowh -

    I think that this account is the most successful one yet. It has no posts yet has 7578 profile hits and 77 followers!!!

    • GrandEmpire -

      Well, we will soon change that...

    • whowh -

      ? How will we change that????

    • Comrade genz -


  • GrandEmpire -

    Hello Bytro... we will soon take you down

    • whowh -

      dun dun dunnnn.....

  • usero6 -

    delete my account please its usero6 I can't I forgot my password it a great game but I spending to much time playing please delete my account

  • Field marshall -

    Why did everyone quit?

  • Irish123 -

    Hello, I wanted to reach out and ask about I problem I have been having. I have played this game on my pc and I absolutly love it but I find myself at disadvantages since I do not have the moblie app. I therefore downloaded the mobile app and it will allow me to login but will not even take me to the home page where I can access my games. Please can you tell me how to fix it? (My mobile device is IOS 11.0 or later)


    I wanted to ask you about the complaint process that I saw in heading 3414013, a few days ago they told me that it was confidential I lose and I respect it, and they said that they were going to take the corresponding measures, I know very well that the complaint was isolated on the day 50, when there are only about 9 active players and only two coalitions left, and I know that he denounces three players in which one of them bought the high command, but it should be noted that 2 years ago I played a game on my old account in which it was already the 70th day and in those times were when convoys could be exchanged for silver or materials and the troops could also be accelerated to their destination with gold and in that game he went to war with a player and he began to tell lies about me to which I responded in a negative way in which I only said a single word in a negative way, at that moment he denounced me and a moderator sent me a notice after 2 days that I was beating the game because it incuples not rma s of the game and it has not only happened to me, if not to several friends, but in my complaint that I presented 2 weeks ago it makes me unfair that they have not beaten them or well even they have beaten the rudest of those who denounce, since they did use many words to insult me ​​in a very strong way. As they referred to me as gay, clown, worm and other stronger words, I hope not to bother because that is the last problem that I currently have and that has not been solved. If you require more information you need about the 3 bullies, be it photos or messages of their inappropriate vocabulary, please let me know.

    I will be attentive to your answer.

    By the way, I want to congratulate you for the new game that you designed for us, Conflict of Nations, a very good and complete game, in which I am inviting several of my colleagues from this game and fellow strategy games to play, just like I am saving to buy the 90 day premium pass, which is a good deal, I hope they do not reduce the days to that pass.

  • CommanderRex -

    Like this: join my alliance! Tag is 69RIB! Join before it is to late! Only experienced players with the rank of corporal or higher will be let in. Also they must be active and fight no matter the cost but smartly. Also must still fight when all hope seems to be lost! In games, join with the other teammates in the alliance and they will help you in a pinch! So join today before it is late! Or you will feel like this! :wallbash

  • CommanderRex -

    Hey do you think you could advertise my alliance? The 69th Regiment Of The Irish Birgade?

  • Holly. -

    ​An Idea for an alternate WW2 special is America has lost the Civil war against the Confederate States of America And Texas has decreed independence​ from both nations receiving its old territory before the Mexican American War. The Confederacy continues to work towards the idea of the Golden Circle, annexing Cuba and dividing Mexico with European powers. The Confederacy becomes the Second most influential country in the western hemisphere after America. Due to the Americans losing the Civil war, they do not take part in WW1. This Allows Germany to win, but Austria-Hungary still collapses. The White Army wins in Russia due to German support after the war. Italy, Austria, Greece, Romania, and Japan are Fascist. France and Spain fall to Communism. Britain returns to imperialism. France loses all of its colonies to Germany but Britain holds onto their colonies due to a white peace to end the war. Support from Germany and Russia allows the Qing Dynasty to survive, but the Civil war continues. I think that this would be an Interesting game Idea. Ask me if you need anything.

  • YentaTheMatchmaker -

    What & how are you going to replace? i mean

  • YentaTheMatchmaker -

    I just spent $60 U.S.A. on this game & 3 games. A 1.5 that is still running & 2 1.0 games that gold was spent. of 150000+ spent on 2 games that are NOW GONE! Why ideas to replace that is how???

  • jbard14 -

    Boujours, j'aimerai savoir comment virer les joueurs inactif d'une partie en étant administrateur de la partie? Car nous ne trouvons pas le bouton pour les virer.