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  • MontanaBB -

    Hey, AG. Saw your comment on the outspoken fella's wall, and just wanted to stop by yours. As you may have noticed, I've apparently become his favorite target because I defended the present strengths of tactical bombers in a thread about the recent changes that were made to various units. That set him off. That and my comment that the newly modified rocket fighter unit is a "fantasy" unit that has no resemblance to its real-life WW2 counterpart. He apparently likes rocket fighters. A lot. I've never encountered the guy in a game, or on the Forum before 10 days ago. He's been following me around ever since. As for my gold use, it's pretty moderate, mostly limited to accelerated research cycles so i can produce more unit types. Of course the outspoken fella would not know that, because he's never actually played me. The whole episode is more than a little weird.