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  • Venicethemenace -

    Hi Storm.

  • Superchan -

    Is Regulators still active? I just wanted to know..

  • PropheticSky -

    I’m currently trying to change my call of war account name. If you could help with this or know where I can get help with this I’d appreciate it!

  • 1walshbp -

    can i become moderator for chat please

  • sipan1953 -

    just explan why im getting these bans please

  • CopyPasted -

    Thanks alot for the name change and all the information, working on the forum name change.

    And again,
    best support team ever! Fast and helful!

  • Lirdi -

    i am writing to you to apply for the position of the chat moderator. i am 19 years old. Can speak english(B2) French(a2) but can understand a lot more and can understand italian. my chat name is ultras21. Pease contact me. thank you

  • Kim FAtigue -

    Bonsoir, j'ai des difficultés à me connecter, un soucis au niveau des serveurs ?

  • Prince Adel -


    I was referred by one of the moderators
    to read in the forum that you are looking
    for some interested moderators for the chat.
    I am very serious about the game, and always
    try to be on the verge of the rules. I often
    help those seeking help if I can help. I am polite,
    kind and do not tolerate anyone criticizing others or gangs in the chat.
    It's bothering me personally.
    I'm very interested in the job,
    but I have an English handicap and
    often use Google translator, such as now.
    I am willing to accept the rules in order
    to provide professional work. If I can help with this,
    I hope to hear from you.
    I'm also an online pilot, with a home-based flight simulator and has grown the hobby for over 15 years, and was a flight instructor, but held it up.


    Odense Prince / Prince Adel.
    Adel Bayoumi

    Live: Odense, Denmark / Speaks perfect Danish.

    I am 38 years old.


  • Prince Adel -

    Thanks. I have submitted an application.

  • Noel18 -


  • Eternal Dane -

    Are you here to save Sweden and Europe from immigrants? If not, then join with the movement now!

    #LiberateMalmö #TheEternalDaneStrikesBack

  • Maximilianvs -

    Why do you want to join the support staff team? love this game, and need high Comand :D
    How much experience do you have in the game? 3 years playing
    Do you have previous experience in Support/Moderation from another game? No
    Why should you be selected? because I love this game
    Your name and your age Maximiliano Taborelli, 37 years old.

  • attacker101 -

    tell my friends on the chat happy Easter for me.

  • hala -

    Hello storm it`s me hala (Alshee) i wanted to ask you a question soo there is an game that`s to late to anyone to join it up anyway do you have the power to let this round open again and if you don`t do you know anyone that can open it because i need new members in my game ID of the game 2229991

    Thanks for reading this message and it`s me hala ;)

  • attacker101 -

    can you say hi to all my friends on the chat?

  • israel alves de lima -


  • Sgt.Stereotyped -

    e.e Thor is still better