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  • Urano08 -

    mira el apartado de sugerencias las bombas terremoto

  • Relius05 -

    IF game was cancelled i would like the gold back

  • Relius05 -

    Could not activate game 2,129,296 on server.

    Your game is currently unavailable or does not exist anymore. Please try again later.

    • Talonre -

      Hello Relius05

      Try to remove the cache from your browser, close the browser and open it again.

  • Relius05 -

    Greetings Sir, My gave 2,129,296 is not loading. I have spent over 100k gold on this game and I cannot play. Pls advise

  • Starace achille -

    ciao volevo chiedereal suportotecnico se mi possono sbloccare, mi hanno bloccato, per delle cose scritte sul giornale di guerra, era solo per scherzare , posso essere riattivato un'altra volta grazie