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    I wanted to ask you about the complaint process that I saw in heading 3414013, a few days ago they told me that it was confidential I lose and I respect it, and they said that they were going to take the corresponding measures, I know very well that the complaint was isolated on the day 50, when there are only about 9 active players and only two coalitions left, and I know that he denounces three players in which one of them bought the high command, but it should be noted that 2 years ago I played a game on my old account in which it was already the 70th day and in those times were when convoys could be exchanged for silver or materials and the troops could also be accelerated to their destination with gold and in that game he went to war with a player and he began to tell lies about me to which I responded in a negative way in which I only said a single word in a negative way, at that moment he denounced me and a moderator sent me a notice after 2 days that I was beating the game because it incuples not rma s of the game and it has not only happened to me, if not to several friends, but in my complaint that I presented 2 weeks ago it makes me unfair that they have not beaten them or well even they have beaten the rudest of those who denounce, since they did use many words to insult me ​​in a very strong way. As they referred to me as gay, clown, worm and other stronger words, I hope not to bother because that is the last problem that I currently have and that has not been solved. If you require more information you need about the 3 bullies, be it photos or messages of their inappropriate vocabulary, please let me know.

    I will be attentive to your answer.

    By the way, I want to congratulate you for the new game that you designed for us, Conflict of Nations, a very good and complete game, in which I am inviting several of my colleagues from this game and fellow strategy games to play, just like I am saving to buy the 90 day premium pass, which is a good deal, I hope they do not reduce the days to that pass.

  • ike53 -

    I would like to make 2 suggestions for your consideration.
    1) Manpower seems to be a little low to start with. I am playing a 1.5 22 game and can't seem to get ahead of the manpower curve at all. Manpower is needed for everything now so maybe a boost to start?
    2) Instead of new troops getting any immediate upgrade to higher levels based on building/research I suggest that all units start at L1 and their upgrade be stair stepped over time to the highest level based on the gamers upgrades. Ex. I have researched L4 tank upgrades. I make a tank and it starts at L1. In 2 days it is promoted to L2...2 days later L3...2 days later L4 and stays there until I research L5...this is also a way to counter a heavy gold user as they could buy 100 L1 tanks but have no way to make them into L4's. Hence a non-gold user who has L4 tanks would have an advantage. Think of the gold user who can only make L1 bombers/fighters and have to go against L4 planes for several days! Hopefully you and your team think this has merit and can discuss! Thanks!

  • Australian Anzac -

    Just highlight that and drag to new tab to open

  • Australian Anzac -


  • _Pontus_ -

    Ibeses, as you will have noticed I am with Anzac and mordicus against the recent destructive changes.
    i just wonder, if making more money is the purpose? Mind you, that is a justified goal for a company, and I fully understand that.

    But I wonder - not that I am your biggest spender - how many one-day-flie, fly-by pokemon players you need to compensate for losing me and Anzac?

    Because keeping those fly-by players in, instead of leaving like they do now, can be the only goal I can imagine for simplifying the game.

    Or is it for the Ryan's? So they can finally win a round by more than being the last active player?
    How much income do this Ryan-type of dimwit players account for?

    I really would like to know how long term, loyal, spending-a-little-here-and-there players like me, compare to the new clients you envision to attract.

    Again, if that really is going to make all of you rich, heck, you have my blessing! But allow me to doubt it and in the meanwhile mourn over the demise a what used to be a truly grand Grand Strategy game.

  • Australian Anzac -

    Good job bytro ruining what was a decent war strategy game that i would happily spend real money on occasionally. What we have now falls well short of balance between is it worth playing and occasinally making a gold purchase ? NO. Money can be spent on much better products ect war strategy games that can be inserted into our pc's and the end result is much better in every facet and a more worthwhile investment for war strategy players like myself.