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  • jefin b -

    Found an old member that is still kicking around.

  • dw98 -

    Why did that Historical game end so early?




    you on?


    so may i join..


    you om?

  • ithappens -

    Hey do you know how to find a chat room for a game on here?

  • RogodeterSnowl -

    I know what you mean - it is a struggle finding the "right" people to play with - such a shame you got killed by Xarus in PL4 - and trycster - could not understand it myself - I think Algeria and Libya will be killed eventually - some consolation but not much

  • Shodanar -

    Would be a good Idea, but the company has no incentive to host a game without profit and understand that. There's many good honest players in the game, and the player's league I thought would have a chance. When I call out an obvious day 1 breaking and get flamed, it's no wonder why few people even bother. Mathematically impossible to cross an African border start of day 2 with 20 soldiers (not militia). I've found a few people I'd trust, but that doesn't make for a very big game.

  • Shodanar -

    Thanks for all the help, then total destruction. GGWP! lols.