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    how do you know I am in German?

    • Chimere -

      You stated it in some thread a while ago.
      For the record, I don't have any sort of field experience, but I worked as a civilian for the French Ministry of Defense, in the Ecole de Guerre, on militaro-strategic analysis (=military equipment and strategic impact of their specs). This was a long time ago, and before my life took a whole non-military new turn, but my knowledge of military stuff is not based on "Call of Duty" as you claimed.

    • blue44elephant -

      I lose my temper because people used to make fun of me and call me worthless. I joined service and got deployed but still get made fun of because they say things like: Enjoying your vacation? When are they going to promote you to civilian?

    • blue44elephant -

      and I was the only kid on block who didn't have that game so I would get mocked and that's the reason I try to get a few licks in on potential people on internet who I think might have played that game, so SORRY I told that your knowledge based on cod.