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  • patton232 -

    :wallbash I am totally disappointed with this game and want my money Back. I joined a game and did like the concept and possibilities. I quickly invested in gold and began building my country. After four days I found myself the only one in the game. I spent $40 for nothing. This was suppose to be a multiplayer game that lasted for more than a month! I got robbed! I would have spent more on high command because I liked the features and probably over the course of my future game play would have purchased much more gold. But when I found I was the only one left playing the game my victory was to loose everything $40 poorer. Please help me to be whole again. Either my money back or new gold ($40) for a future game that people may play in. X( X( X( X( X(​​

    • Romulus947 -

      Well, join my alliance, The Wolf Den. We provide active matches and team games and roleplays!