Seth Andres Sergeant First Class

  • from Dixie Land
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  • Liberinsula -

    What......this doesn't make much sense.....You're Bill Nye before Bill Nye.

  • Bill Nye's a Russian Spy -

    I'll miss you buddy. But fear not, for I, Bill Nye, shall carry on the torch you left! At least, until JVK shows up with his creepy Gas Mask and stuff. Who knows, maybe I'll become Bill Nye the Confederate Spy, maybe... No, doesn't have the same ring to it.

  • jose_cuervo -


  • Sir McSquiggles -

    What exactly is this so called "Video Game" that you mention in your profile? Is it some sort black magic??

    • Seth Andres -

      Dunno, some crazy dude in a hat told me about how awesome they are. I believed him so now I'm obsessed with finding the Magical Source of gaming called "Consoles" and "PC's" Wanna join me in this quest to find the legendary "Video game"?

    • Sir McSquiggles -

      Im surprised you could trust a random dude in a hat after the slaughter of your family haha. But sure Id love to join you in your quest! :D

    • Seth Andres -

      I heard the source of power is currently most strong at a wretched place called "GameStop" People who have been there claim they were flat out robbed. Also my family was killed by Aliens, I don't like to talk about it;-;

    • Sir McSquiggles -

      I used to visit this "GameStop", but now I visit to the Online world and I go to a place called "Amazon". It is less dangerous than the Gamestop.

    • Seth Andres -

      Amazon? Like the forest? Or the female tribe?