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  • Zimny Kuba -

    Hi, we have a problem, in place of our player MarcinGL1 who plays East Ontario, someone from the mod has introduced the player Yamamotoo, please restore the correct settings and player MarcinGL1 to play on the map.

  • yurgajurga -

    Can I make a substitution. All parties agree to the rules

  • yurgajurga -

    My team is complete. Sorry for the delay. Is there no way to get into the first one? Looks to be a more challenging fight

    • VorlonFCW -

      Sorry Yurga, As your team was incomplete when I started making map choices you are stuck with tomorrow's match. There are many strong teams there as well.

    • yurgajurga -

      Hey no problem. Enjoy your day

  • papadopoulos-colonel -

    hello how can we privately chat about a problem i have in cow?

  • zinckeeper123 -

    Hi been playing for a while, talking to a mod in the chat. I said I was interested in becoming a mod but didn't know how to. He said I should talk to you.

    • VorlonFCW -

      For moderators we usually look for players who have played for 6 months, have a good presence in chat and the forums, and need to 18 or older.

  • Albi70 -

    Hi, have you got any idea when registration for Alliance World Cup 2019 will start?
    Thx for your answer

  • miltil -

    me ajude. estávamos falando com um moderador se podia colocar códigos no chat, e eu dei um exemplo e perguntei se podia
    ?gireztilb lareneg o erbos irbocsed ue euq o rebas reuq meuq.
    quando eu ia falar como funcionava ele me bloqueou falando que não podia usar outras línguas no chat

    • VorlonFCW -

      Those are the rules. There are chats for each language, so when in the English language chat you need to use English, and follow the directions of the moderators. Also as it seems you were on the PT/BR server you will have to talk to Ivlivs about your issue.

    • miltil -

      Thank you

    • miltil -

      I'll talk to him, thank you. I apologize for the inconvenience

  • FoRsAkEnCaRd -

    Apologies for bothering you but are there any specific requirements to get the frontline pioneer offer, I know it is sent out based on the need to fill slots but anything that makes you stick out more? (I have a few friends who received it)

    • VorlonFCW -

      As the system is automated I don't have any control over it. Typically players level 40 and higher that play multiple games at a time are most likely to be selected.

    • FoRsAkEnCaRd -

      Alright thank you.

  • attacker101 -

    vorlon, what do you do when you are being attacked on a two-prong assault but you can't defend the areas they are attacking and the only troops you have are in your capital? oh yeah, and you only have 3 interceptors as a air force with a total army size of 22 units?

    • VorlonFCW -

      I pull back and consolidate my forces. I don't care about defending outlying provinces. I assemble an army to counter the invasion and seek out the enemy units on terrain that benefits me. Once you defeat the enemy units you can take the land back.

  • BattleIvan -

    Thank you for you responses to my posts/threads - I do appreciate them, even if it doesn't always sound like it in my replies. Please keep your responses/replies coming. You have been a great help in allowing me to better understand CoW and its mechanics - thank you again.
    Why have we both got such high negative points in the forum? Could this be because both of us could have had a large inactive period/s since starting.

    • VorlonFCW -

      You are quite welcome.

      The negative points is a programming glitch. Scroll way down here on my wall to September of 17 and LawrenceCZL explains it.

  • Kai Gravon -

    Hi, apologies for troubling you if I'm in the wrong place but I'm trying to contact the games admin about my premium membership
    Best regards Kai

  • MontanaBB -

    Hey, Kosh, everything 5x5 in the Vorlon Empire? You seem to be experiencing an unusually long lull in activity . . . . I hope all is well with you and yours.

    • VorlonFCW -

      Apparently I was too busy even to notice you wrote on my wall :D Nothing wrong at all, except for not enough hours in the day.

  • beebooo -

    VorlonFCW are you still admin to this forum and the game called Call Of War? If account got banned, who should we contact. The game just said we ought to reach out to the support team.

  • OrmocBisdak -

    Sir i have forgotten my password is there any way I can retrieve it?

    • VorlonFCW -

      Assuming you have an email address set up in your account, From the Callofwar.com page when you are not logged in click the login arrow in the upper right and the link for "Forgot Password" will show at the bottom of that box.

  • simon -

    I keep getting games added that I DO NOT join. WTF?

    • VorlonFCW -

      That is odd. The only way to enter a game is when you select a game to join. It isn't possible for someone else to add you to a game.

    • simon -

      Well it keeps happening when ever I just look at a game to see what countries are available and choose none. So am I the only one this is happening to? Ever happen to you or anyone else?

    • VorlonFCW -

      In order to look at what countries are available you have to select the "join" button. If you don't choose a country you are kicked after an hour, but you still "joined"

  • BB11Jw -

    hi i play this game and i need some help.
    i have been accused of multi accounting with another account, and i know the person who operates the other account so what can i do to prove that i am innocent?

    • VorlonFCW -

      You need to reply to the message that you received and explain. If the staff needs further information from you at that point they will give you time to provide it.

  • Odense Prince -

    Hello.. Can I ask?.. May I use the Call Of War logo/sign to my facebook group? I created a new group about World History, and my head Tema are WW2.. Then I will be glad if I may use yours logo..
    Odense Prince :)

  • mercedes1234 -

    Is it possible that you can bring back my banned account, I was playing with my friends on the same wifi and I got banned. I had a lot of progress in that account and I do not want to lose it, I did not even get a Warning email. I already emailed bytro but they did not respond, please help. The account name is Mercedes1234

    • VorlonFCW -

      I checked and your report was recieved, so it will be worked in order. There are a lot of tickets in that department this week so it will take several days to get to yours. These take a lot of time as it requires a full investigation of why you tripped the anti-cheat system and to make sure you didn't actually cheat before you can be unbanned.

      If you wish to play on the same network as your friends please create or join a game with anti cheat off. Returning to the game you got banned from is not recommended as the automated system could ban you again.

  • T-3PO -

    How would I email bytro labs?

  • Pstomar -

    we need people like you

  • Pstomar -

    Would you please join our alliance. Given your experience, you'll be a moderator straight away

  • minitank -

    can i be a frontline pioneer

  • Cam55 -

    Is there any alliance cap minimum if the 100 player game is public?

    • VorlonFCW -

      In that case just get your alliance members to join any open 100 player map.

  • ZoidbergExpress -

    What level do you need to create 100 player maps again? Basically, World at War, games.

    • VorlonFCW -

      50 player and larger games are only system generated, and not something any player can create.

  • Cam55 -

    Is it possible for you to create a 100 player game for my alliance, and if so what is the minimum level to join?

    • VorlonFCW -

      For a 100 player game you will need 50 players signed up. If you have 25 players signed up then one of the 50 player games could be made. For the player rank level required for each look for the news post called minimum rank maximum fun

  • T-3PO -

    Hey, I see you're a staff member. I've been a staff member on a few websites, so I'd just like to thank you for helping this community.

  • TheMapleSyrup -

    hey man, my friend [ign:Yeager1411] got banned because we were playing on the same internet(school internet cus we rebels). My account [Ign:TheMapleSyrup] said I would either have to choose between him being banned and me being banned. Please un-ban him as he lost a bunch of high command, and we didn't break any terms of service(i looked and it was painful). We enjoy your game and don't want to quit. Thanks.

  • general12312 -

    I noted you have visited just about everyone's profile. Is that part of your job here? To manage and check profiles for problems and such?

  • Saint James -

    I have no option to create a new game. Can any help? The option does not exist for me. On mobile

    • VorlonFCW -

      That feature is not available on mobile. You can switch your mobile browser to desktop mode and create a game that way. I have several posts on the forum about switching from desktop to mobile and back

  • hala -

    Hello Vorlon it`s me hala (Alshee) i wanted to ask you a question soo there is an game that`s to late to anyone to join it up anyway do you have the power to let this round open again and if you don`t do you know anyone that can open it because i need people to join and thanks

    don`t forget to tell me before you open it