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  • henning vagtborg -

    i can't get into any of my games, been playing for years, any ideas?

  • TheMaquis -

    hey bud, fix the rebellion morale problem, 40 or 50 flips per turn is the way you intend it???? Really???? AI units will eventually win a global 1939 game as there is no way to control the morale with out spending big money to increase it. Gee thats fun, especially when it will just go down again. I have had 3 units on each location in the Congo for 30+ days now, and it is finally getting past 30 morale. What a fun game, park your units for a month and check back later. You will win because everyone else probably quit by then.

    • eruth -

      He's not a developer, just a moderator. Make a post about it on the general forum.

  • Markyy555 -

    ​Hi, I am interested in the moderator role as these last days I have been solving a lot of questions from new players and also medium-players. I am very active and I thought that I could be good at this. Also I know Spanish so I can help the english and hispanic community. Please tell me what information do I have to send you in order to get this moderator role. See you later, Markyy555

  • blue44elephant -

    is there a discord for cow?

  • Zimny Kuba -

    hi, is there a top ban on mapping ?, we wanted to submit a 50 vs 50 map and we received information that it is forbidden to create such maps

  • MontanaBB -

    Looks like my time to play COW nearly full-time is over. I am back in the office full-time again tomorrow. No more working from home.

  • blue44elephant -

    Hello, game 3156719 will not open, I need help.

  • ritxi77 -

    muy buenas amigo, ya hace mucho que al ganar las partidas so se suman a mi historial, que sucede? un saludo cordial

  • Skibadly -

    Vorlon, please help. Where do I find answers to a couple of questions
    What range does AA have, does it need to be in the stack to defend it or can it be adjacent? Related is how far apart does AA or Arty have to be to avoid being caught up in melee. If AA is in melee, can it still damage bombers attacking the stack?
    Thank you in advance for hints on where I could find this information. I have had a dig around, but without any joy

  • Blackston3 -

    It's not fair, the message of the bug had to sent by private message 4 hous ago, not now. I spent my gold for nothing, and now i have only 5000 gold. Give us a bonus for the shop. this is the right move.

  • GeneralAumSum -

    Hi @VorlonFCW!!!

  • Telmah69 -

    Hi Vorlon - hope im not going to get my wrist slapped for taking a pot shot at you guys in my latest thread - on the whole you do an excellent job

  • SShawk1 -

    I have MAJOR issue with the "OPERATION SUPREMACY" game.
    A moment ago

    I am battling a country for the victory base on the verge of victory, when they transfer the victory base and providence to another player. The game is not a coalition game and winner takes all. This needs to be changed for the integrity of the game.

  • General Westmorland -

    This is General Westmorland I play on pc but trying to get game loaded in tutorial 3167469 and all others but will not load I am getting frustrated that I cannot play this game after buying coins still would not load please fix thank you

  • 2868765 -

    what a good game,..why you broken..."fix the bug"....improve ...."celebration 5 year? .....and i CAN'T play,,,,,you know the rest of my WORDS

  • referee -

    Have been unable to get into my game (3,136,887) for 48+ hours. Tried to enter a new game and could not get in, eventually got kicked out of that because of inactivity.

  • 2868765 -

    it was a verry good game ,the only one in my opininon,now is finish like all nice things....many days can't enter .........

  • TylerFire23 -

    hey vorlon u online?

  • TylerFire23 -

    how do you have Negative 154 points???

  • Butterbear -

    Hi I'm sorry to bother you again but I made a chat mistake that got me banned, I had the wrong chat open when I sent the message, I respect the chat rules and the moderaters, I don't want to be permanently banned again, could you please help me?

  • Erich Von Manstein -

    Has been more than 72 hours and I still can't access my account. What's up??

  • MontanaBB -

    Hiya, Kosh. I'm back. At least for a little while. Check your private conversations.

  • brandanovic -

    Hello ! i'm ssorry but i'm need some help !
    about my fail when I 'm was create my new Alliance's game i put so fast the creat so now I 'am need to wait 1 month to creat another partie
    Can tou help me to delete it pliz

  • Game over -

    Look, I'm sorry to bother you, but how do I give you an idea?

    • VorlonFCW -

      There is a suggestion section here on the forum. For a new idea just create a new thread. Many ideas already have a thread that you could read and add to.

    • Game over -

      ok thank you

    • Game over -

      But how do I speak there?

    • VorlonFCW -

      Either find a relevant thread and use the "reply" button, or in that section use the "create thread" button.

  • Butterbear -

    Hello I'm sorry to come to you with this, but I am currently permanently muted and I was wondering if there is any way for the ban to be lifted, please respond at your earliest convenience, ty for your time.

  • SFRJ-Man -

    Hey, sorry to bother you but I made a post like 3 days ago, where I asked for help in account I can’t access. You responded and gave me a link to report the issue and said that you need some way to confirm I am the owner of the SFRJ-Man account. Well it has been 72 hours( the max time it takes to respond to a report) and I haven’t received any message about the issue on my gmail. Do I need to wait longer? Or while I wait can I somehow confirm the ownership of the account?

  • 24clayton -

    PrinceofHonor said my ban of a week was for blacklisting and gold denouncing
    I did not receive a warning before being banned
    I complained about a player who spent at least a million gold to win a game
    I sue some gold here and there, but how can any if us and those who not use gold have a chance of a good game when someone uses so much??
    is it "blacklisting" to warn of a player who spends a LOT of gold??
    I am not "denouncing" gold just complaining about the abusive use if TOO MUCH gold
    some help for MOST of the people playing your game ????

    and will I get banned for my complaining about being banned??

    • VorlonFCW -

      It is indeed blacklisting and game/gold denouncement. I have replied to your thread. I suggest you read the rules of the game. Warnings are not necessary in these cases, as the forum operates on a points system. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse, and the rules will be applied equally to all situations.

    • 24clayton -

      I admit that there are many rules , helps and suggestions in the Forum, and I have not gone thru all of it, I will work on it

  • M1X2 -

    I cannot login to current games I am playing .I have complained about this 2 days ago I got a message saying to update my browser to fix problem so I did {at least I think I did update browser correct} and I still cannot get on current games.Bottom of pages says callofwar not responding or callofwar not responding because of length of script

    • VorlonFCW -

      If you are still getting the long running script error, then something did not work properly when you tried to update your browser. Try another browser such as chrome and see if that resolves your issue.

  • Britain(tea_drinker) -

    Hi would like to become mod but I don’t get how

  • Rommel-1944 -

    Hey Vorlon.
    Im from the Spanish Community, I wanted to ask you who is the ESP Main Administrator.