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  • CornStuffing -

    Can you help me, when i log into call of war it goes staright to a thing called Support form, i dunno what to do

  • GeneralAumSum -

    U were very nice

  • GrandEmpire -

    I salute you, my friend

  • Oldman1969 -

    Glory to hardworking Bytro labs , I am trying to contact one of your moderators through out Forums of CoW or Sup1914 but no response yet. By the way I managed to contact you through here and ask some questions. If possible respond.

    1. I am having a discord server , we are about to gather players for a 25 players game in CoW historical map. There r some questions :

    - Shall I get 25 players at all? Or I need at least 10 players for ex.

    - Can I reserve other nations like Belgium and Holland? Due to we wanna do a historical games with rules we have talked about.

    - If the players which want to join be lower than lvl 17 , can they join our round?

    - Can we request for special options like 1 day for peace so nations like USSR can mobilize.

    - Where can we send names and request for a game?

    - Will the game have password?

    - How will you contact us for game ID or ect?

    - Can you send one of your bytro lab moderators to our discord server so he can manage things up?

    - Discord server link is : discord.gg/XbbUK9hMcZ

    2 We are managing to get a round in other game like Supremacy 1914 so there r the same questions as up but some other questions we may have.

    - Can we request this ? Players and nations be able to construct factory from day 1 ?

    - How many players shall we at least gather? We may have up to 6 or 8 players for Sup1914.

    - Is there a time limit for gathering players?

    Please respond through email or sending a moderator to discord. We appreaciate it , also visit my website : strategicclub.ir (I offer strategical games for Iranian players)

    • VorlonFCW -

      I have retired from the staff. To reach a game operator with your request send a bug report - general question from the lower right corner of any of your current games.

  • 737373elj -

    Say, just a random gameplay question, but are there any penalties to stacking too many units in a stack?

    • DoctorDR1 -

      Yes, efficiency goes down. This is called State Based Damage Efficiency, and it differs in 1.0 and 1.5. In 1.0, each unit in a stack has a max number before efficiency goes down. Let's say that the SBDE for LTs is 5 (just making that number up). A stack with 5 LTs would be most efficient, and as you stacked more LTs, efficiency would go down. However, if you stacked other units, for example infantry, with the LTs, the efficiency wouldn't go down.

      In 1.5, SBDE is a little more complicated. Let's say you had a stack of 10 AA, and 10 commandos, and that you are attacking a stack of 10 infantry. The 10 strongest units attack, and the rest are ignored. So, in this scenario, the commandos would attack the infantry, and the AA would be pretty much irrelevant. Now, let's say that during combat, a squadron of 10 tactical bombers attacks our commando-AA stack. The 10 strongest units would defend, and in this case, it would be the AA. So, the commandos would be pretty much irrelevant in this case.

  • Bielak25 -

    Also my username is also Bielak25

  • Bielak25 -

    Hey Vorlon when I tried to sign into a new phone it would not work when I put forgot password what do I do Edit:it sent me the name of the other account not my old one

  • GGBugh -

    Hey Vorlon, I was scrolling through my past threads and saw that one of them became very heated. I wanted to apologize for any trouble that the thread may have caused.

    I did want to elaborate, though, that players do not see other player's rankings. If they have a lower ranking, some rounds will just not be visible to them as they need to stay active in more rounds to have their score increase. Your comment about the number of days in a game was something I had not thought of, I'm sure there are other ways to construct an algorithm.

    Have a great rest of your weekend and if you are interested, I'd be more than happy to expand the idea.

    Anyhow, take care!

  • Jeff Starbucks -

    Vorlon I have sent in my application to become a mod so I hope you a look at that. I also have brought this up to some of the 6 that decide if I can be one and leprichan and byzation said that they don't do the application things. so when you have the time please just help me out

  • General Mazze -

    Hello, Why are there no 50 player 1.5 games available

  • Vincent the Furry -

    My discord info is Vincent The Furry#2775 i would like to join the family and join the support team i am 18 and can work well with others sir so just let me know either on here or from discord thank you so much sir

  • LFerreira -

    you said me to contact you, i have contacted and you have not answered, I can't play for almost a week and keep on posting on forums but nothing has been done yet

  • _Sylvester_Stallone_ -

    Hi Vorlon

  • Ciro702 -

    Hey Vorlon! I pm'd you, and wanted to let you know. Please read the convo I sent when you have the time. Thank you in advance.

    • VorlonFCW -

      Hello. Applications are reviewed periodically when we add staff.

  • simon -

    Why are my achievements not being added to my record? I only play ranked games and this last game Historic 1939 world map lasted only thirty four days. Have the rules changed or is it a glitch?

    • RiverWolf74 -

      It takes some time for acheivements to be processed.

  • 16Street -

    My name in game is 1 6Street, may i Become mod or Modarter, I Have read the chat rules and the forums rules, Here is One of the rules, If u do alot of emojis then that consider spamming, If u are caught saying bad words thne u might get banned from chat. If u are taking about Nazi stuf u can get ban from chat as weel. and no Glorification or advocation of Nazism. And no racsit sexist homophibc sentcese. and no taking about Drugs and all that. And No ligeal name. And no Adversting Online Games.

  • ZodiakCuddler -

    I had an issue earlier trying to enter a game, and it kept either not loading in, or telling me too many players are in game. When I search the game, there is still at least 10 open spots in the game, yet I received a message saying that I’ve been removed for Inactivity. Please help!

  • henning vagtborg -

    i can't get into any of my games, been playing for years, any ideas?

  • TheMaquis -

    hey bud, fix the rebellion morale problem, 40 or 50 flips per turn is the way you intend it???? Really???? AI units will eventually win a global 1939 game as there is no way to control the morale with out spending big money to increase it. Gee thats fun, especially when it will just go down again. I have had 3 units on each location in the Congo for 30+ days now, and it is finally getting past 30 morale. What a fun game, park your units for a month and check back later. You will win because everyone else probably quit by then.

    • eruth -

      He's not a developer, just a moderator. Make a post about it on the general forum.

  • Markyy555 -

    ​Hi, I am interested in the moderator role as these last days I have been solving a lot of questions from new players and also medium-players. I am very active and I thought that I could be good at this. Also I know Spanish so I can help the english and hispanic community. Please tell me what information do I have to send you in order to get this moderator role. See you later, Markyy555

  • blue44elephant -

    is there a discord for cow?

  • Zimny Kuba -

    hi, is there a top ban on mapping ?, we wanted to submit a 50 vs 50 map and we received information that it is forbidden to create such maps

  • MontanaBB -

    Looks like my time to play COW nearly full-time is over. I am back in the office full-time again tomorrow. No more working from home.

  • blue44elephant -

    Hello, game 3156719 will not open, I need help.

  • ritxi77 -

    muy buenas amigo, ya hace mucho que al ganar las partidas so se suman a mi historial, que sucede? un saludo cordial

  • Skibadly -

    Vorlon, please help. Where do I find answers to a couple of questions
    What range does AA have, does it need to be in the stack to defend it or can it be adjacent? Related is how far apart does AA or Arty have to be to avoid being caught up in melee. If AA is in melee, can it still damage bombers attacking the stack?
    Thank you in advance for hints on where I could find this information. I have had a dig around, but without any joy

  • Blackston3 -

    It's not fair, the message of the bug had to sent by private message 4 hous ago, not now. I spent my gold for nothing, and now i have only 5000 gold. Give us a bonus for the shop. this is the right move.

  • GeneralAumSum -

    Hi @VorlonFCW!!!

  • Telmah69 -

    Hi Vorlon - hope im not going to get my wrist slapped for taking a pot shot at you guys in my latest thread - on the whole you do an excellent job

  • SShawk1 -

    I have MAJOR issue with the "OPERATION SUPREMACY" game.
    A moment ago

    I am battling a country for the victory base on the verge of victory, when they transfer the victory base and providence to another player. The game is not a coalition game and winner takes all. This needs to be changed for the integrity of the game.