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  • GenYJ -

    Hi WiseOdin, kindly help to provide me SOP on how to unban my account.
    ingame acc is GeneralYJ with wongyinjia@gmail.com

  • injinji -

    Sad to see you leave :(

    • injinji -

      If he was fired because he got on there bad side, then why is he a retired hero?

    • WiseOdin -

      Scuttlebutt says I was fired for arguing (in private or in staff only channels) with one of the paid Bytro staff, about the automatic multi detection system banning players without reason. Very different than not doing your job, going rouge, being bad at your job, etc.
      That is the reason I'm marked as a retired hero.

      Btw, I find it strange, that a player making a forum account today, would have issues with a Main Administrator that's been out of staff for two months, now. I smell something, and the baby hasn't soiled his diaper.

  • Erich Von Sieger -

    Hello dear Admin.

    I won first place in a game version 2,189,803
    but i didn`t got any gold from my win?

    Best Regards
    Erich Von Sieger

  • jasonwcc -

    Please help unban account. PM u

  • orangerr -

    Anywho Thank you Again!

  • orangerr -

    If you think i'm lying on that I was once a general It might have been Because I Got another Account on steam!

  • orangerr -

    Hello my name is Orangerr and I am a Private! Sure I might not be good at the game but I do know on how the game works! I am 17 Almost 18 And was born on June,12,2001! I was once a general till I stopped playing for a while and now for some reason I am a private. Like I said I DO know the rules in chat,the game,And its mechanics! I think I would be A great mod and please reply back if i'm in the team or not! Anywho Thanks for you're time and have an amazing day!

  • zxx1950 -

    Help desk, My "user account is not activated yet". This is because I never received an e-mail to my account with the activation code.. Is it possible I'm not getting the activation code because of some sort of software incompatability with my computer?

    • WiseOdin -

      It's best to use a different E-Mail. Some E-Mails, like yahoo, do not seem like they ever make it to players. Because this is due to their spam filters grabbing us as an advertiser, there is nothing we can do to stop it.

    • lorenzo204 -

      Try checking you spam or "All Mail"

  • H3llRezor -

    Wise Odin can you help me unban my account.

    • WiseOdin -

      Sadly, accounts that were disabled when caught cheating are not given back.

  • ShadowHawk5 -

    I responded to your post in the conversation, I humbly ask you to read it and reconsider

  • kaleb_3122 -

    Mr.Odin... My accunt was banned because i was supposedly multi accounting. I was wanting to know if you could help me because i was only playing at school with my friends gen-braun is one of them. Can you help me please?

  • tester 9 -

    How can I get my account, goockshon, and my friends account GunFighterMan, unbanned. They got banned due to being falsly accused of multi-counting.


    Hi WiseOdin, I recently sent you an application in the game requesting to join your coalition. Instead I received a notice from you saying that my account had been deleted for "multi use and cheating"
    This caught me completely by surprise as I have played Call of War for over 2 years without a problem doing the same thing every game with just my NO MERCED account. I hope this is some mistake since I have spent hundreds of hours on this game and do wish for it all to have been wasted. Please reply what your take is on this. Thank you.

    • BeastinatorMK2 -

      same except ive gone through 3 account, it seems to be just because its on the same device as the others. my new account randomly got a ban due to multi connection, even though it was the game you get during the tutorial...

  • BeastinatorMK2 -

    Hey WiseOdin, I was wondering if you could help me get my account back, apparently i had the "multiple connection" or "multiple account notice" and i didn't know how to deal with it, i emailed you but no response. I would like to resolve this issue, so please contact me if you'd like to help.

  • Haiqal30 -

    Hi Wise Odin,I was just joined Call of War today without knowing the rules.When I typing "S.I.E.G Heil" and "Heil Deusland",I noticed I was permanently banned from chat without any warning.Then I just rellized that you can't chat like that.And I would like to apply an appeal to either have my ban removed, or replaced with a temporary ban instead.

    I hope you see this,and sorry for breaking the rules.I promise I will not breaking the rules again,thank you

    CoW account-Haiqal30

    • Chodaw -

      You said "hail to victory" in Germen. it just really means is "Hail Victory"....If you are witnessed saying this in Germany in public 'for any reason other than that of art, teaching or science purposes you can get 3 years in jail.' Bytro Lab respects German Law. You are Permanently banned. You should read the rules before you play. I don't think you will be unbanned.

    • Haiqal30 -

      I'm knew,and I played the game without knowing the rules.after ,I knew about that.I get banned from chat,I read the rules and relized.So I regret from what I'm doing,and wanted to be unbanned

  • Captain Garner -

    Dear Wise Odin, I was recently permanently Banned for typing both "Hitler" and "Stalin" into a game chat, 12 Hours later I was notified that I was permanently banned from the Call of War chat by Moderator "StormBringer50" Without warning or notice. I was not aware of the rule on not being allowed to type the names of Dictators (I was experimenting as some would show uncensored and others would not) And I would like to apply an appeal to either have my ban removed, or replaced with a temporary ban instead.

    I also have now re-read the Terms and conditions, so future mistakes will not happen

    - CaptainGarner

    • Chodaw -

      Yes, it can be sudden and without warning. Stalin and Hitler are both censored words in the game. If you find a way of saying it in the chat and game you were going out of your way to get in trouble, warnings are not needed or explanation.

    • Chodaw -

      *warnings are not needed or explanation for intended rule break.

  • Recycled -

    Greetings! I had a computer crash and lost my account login info and cannot log into my old account. My player name was "Snake Hips", I've not been able to log in in almost a year. I've finally got another computer and have a new account but would love to access my old account as I'd built up decent rank. Any info I can provide to prove my ID please ask, I would really appreciate getting my old account back.

    Semper Fi

    • Chodaw -

      If you still have the same internet, that would be a great start. But I don't think they can see passwords.

    • Recycled -

      Thank you for the quick reply. I am a vet with PTSD and part of that is memory loss so hence my trouble with lost password. It sucks, both the memory loss and the inability to reconnect to account. Life is not fair so I will start over and work hard to reacquire my levels.

      Semper Fi

  • Chodaw -

    Hello, WiseOdin. I would like to become a moderator. I have an excellent memory, I know what everything does in the game pretty much as I read the information. I am great at math, I have sound judgment and I have no sense of humor if a joke is on a slippery slope breaking the rules.

  • Nabster98 -

    Hey WiseOdin. I have a ban that I have been contesting for a few days for me and my two friends. I have the email addresses of me and them and possibly other Evidence to contest it. I really need to get my account back now as I am probably going inactive in my games. A user named MontanaBB mentioned you as one of the Admins i could talk to to get things happening.

    • Nabster98 -

      He has helped me a lot through this and I'm just a player that wants to get back to playing.

  • Madman20 -

    hey how do I became staff

  • bratakus -

    Can you inform me about surrendering? My coalition is fighting a big coalition. 1 enemy offered to surrender. Do I get his armies? Is he kicked out of the game?

    • WiseOdin -

      No, you would just put yourselves back to peace with one another. Anything extra would have to be part of your agreed terms.

  • _law -

    @WiseOdin I would like to become an Administrator with your acknowledgement, guided permission If that is okay with you.

  • ODST -

    hey what is your allance

    • WiseOdin -

      [SPQR] Regulators. Click alliance listing by rank, we're the first one :)

  • jardel10 -

    ​I reached level 12, and it still says I need lvl 11 to create new game. Something is definitely wrong, I would appreciate some help. Thanks.

    • WiseOdin -

      Because you can only create one map every 30 days, there was an issue where it said you must be level 11, instead of stating you may only create one map every 30 days.

    • ODST -

      how do i join your allance??

    • WiseOdin -

      Be really good at Call of War

  • maclife1 -

    Hello, I was wondering if you could help me with a log-in issue. I just got a new computer and tried to log in to my account. It kept on saying "invalid username or password", but I know I had the right information. I logged out of my account on my other pc also because I thought it would help. Now I can't get on at all and am in a war right now. Thanks in advance.

    • WiseOdin -

      Would be very helpful to have your actual username used for games. maclife1 is not showing any issues.
      *Remember: Staff will never ask you for passwords. Account names is normal, when they do not match your forum name.
      If needed, you can also message staff privately, instead of us trying to have a conversation on wall posts.

  • roger39bkr -

    how do i find out all the games i won???

  • darksoul111 -

    Hello, wisest of the wisests.

    I have received an email yesterday banning my account "llorisfrance" for supposedly multi-accounting.

    I started the game a few years ago, so I remember the time when I first received that sort of email. At the time, I had explained that the second account on the WiFi was indeed my brother's whom I had introduced to the game.

    This time though, I replied to the email as soon as I could, thinking I "knew the drill". Nevertheless, I didn't get any response, and I am starting to panick a bit as I have a 100p game which I can't access anymore.

    Can you help me?

    • WiseOdin -

      Doc already worked your ticket. As he stated: In the future, if you wish to play with a shared internet connection, please join or create games with the advanced setting option "Anti cheat" turned off.

    • darksoul111 -

      Thank you!

  • Nyarlathotep -

    Hi, I want to change my nickname.
    Can you help me?

  • Dillan_Lync004 -

    I recently made a level 1 rocket and I am playing on mobile and have no idea how to launch the rocket, please help

    • WiseOdin -

      You should select the rocket, select attack, and select the target.
      A lot of things are more difficult to do, on mobile. for trickier maneuvers, a computer is better suited.

  • dw98 -

    Whats the best way to end a game with 5 member coalition taking the entire map w/o having to conquer the two smaller players? can they just go inactive?